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Wake Up America email

Posted on: February 28, 2011

Wake Up America Movement

February 27

WAM ALERT to reform-minded voters.

Forward this information to other REFORM groups and activists.

If this 2012 elections were held now, this would NOT be good news – it’s UP to US to keep spreading the word – when we move the majority to GOP column the Progressive agenda is defeated!
The Real Polls have Progressives worried

Despite the ongoing positive propaganda onslaught by main stream media, a recent Gallup survey proves Democratic party popularity has significantly eroded since 2008. Key results of this poll:

* Fewer voters identify as Democrats and less independents are “leaning” toward that party
* Along with Hawaii, the largest declines are in north-eastern states of New Hampshire and Rhode Island along with Maine – where this good news could bode well for campaigns to unseat Senators Snowe and Collins.
* In 2008, 30 states were rated “solid” Democrat. Now only 14 states count in that column. States ranked “competitive” have increased from 10 to 18.
* While several states have moved from competitive to leaning GOP, no state in the Union has shifted to lean Democratic over the last 2 years.
* A pattern of Democratic party growth which began in 2005 peaked in early 2009 and has continued to decline ever since.
* Here is an overview of current vote trend totals across all 50 states:

14 solid DEM   9 lean DEM   18 competitive states    5 lean GOP     5 solid GOP

(Solid defined as +10% spread; Lean defined as +5% spread Competitive states with less than 5% difference in # of voters who identify with a party.)

Competitive states will continue trending GOP and reach a solid majority before 2012 elections – if all of US continue to expand public awareness of the real facts and consequences behind the Progressive agenda. Help that to happen by forwarding these Insider Insights to your contact list and linking your blog and forums to

CLICK BLUE link at right for Insider Insights on Obama’s long term alliances – against U.S. interests!

See WAM News Room for more of Obama’s troubling Islamist ties.

Dear Brenda,

The battle to win public opinion now rages on the home front and internationally as pro-globalist forces spearhead, instigate and/or attempt to control populist movements in the U.S. and Middle East.

On the overseas front, the Obama administration has disappointed their supporters by demonstrating a cool reluctance to support genuine pro- democracy protesters.Yet here at home their Organizing for America arm has thrown its hat in the ring – and plenty of money – to promulgate protests in Wisconsin and Indiana – even comparing public union employees favorably to Middle East “democracy” advocates.

This self-contradictory policy only makes perfect sense to those who watch from behind the scenes. Why?  This eye-opening summary of Obama’s historic connection to the Muslim Brotherhood is a must read!

* Obama has consistently demonstrated an international policy that weakens America’s power and position on the world stage. His tepid response to anti-American dictators’ violence against demonstrators stands in contrast to his public condemnation of Egypt’s U.S. ally, Mubarek. His conduct regarding the current Middle East de-stabilization makes clear his expectation (and back-door support) for potential new regimes that increase influence of the Muslim Brotherhood.

What’s this got to do with Wisconsin and Indiana?
Take A Stand!

Spreading the Word of intelligent accurate information about what’s behind phony mainstream headlines propelled the Reform movement into being a dominant factor in 2010’s historic elections.

You play a valuable part in this crucial movement every time you post, share and discuss these Insider Insights within your own network of contacts.

Exposing how public unions have eroded state economies is a vital current issue!

What’s at Stake in the States Stance to Squelch Union Control

Obama’s facade of support for “democracy” advocates is a thin cover for his real agenda: to hold onto the Presidency requires he maintains large scale union endorsements and campaign funding. If he loses the unions, he loses the White House. If he loses the White House, the Progressive agenda is dead-in-the-water!

Here’s a recent and typical example of union influence and support for Democratic party candidates:

Joe Donnelly (D) Indiana ran campaign as a “middle class hero”
Here’s who financed his high profile reelection:


Building Trade Unions   $67,500
Leadership PACs  $65,000

Industrial Unions  $51,500

Public Sector Unions  $47,000

Transportation Unions  $32,500

Misc Unions  $21,000

Of 12 top contributors to this campaign, most were union related! In contrast, Donnelly’s opponent, Jackie Walorski (defeated by Donnelly’s large scale expensive media spin ads) was 84% funded by individual contributors!
above figures from

These stats show why the DNC has pulled out the stops on organizing pro-union publicity protests nationwide this month. This also explains MAINSTREAM MEDIA’s nonstop coverage of union sit-ins in WI this week. It’s called the “bandwagon” techinique – to create an illusory image Americans are outraged by GOP governors’ moves to limit public union bargaining rights.

GO HERE TO SEND A FAX OF SUPPORT TO GOVERNOR WALKER OF WISCONSIN – who is fighting for the rights of all American citizens to stand up and stop public union abuses!

What’s Really at Stake could change the face of national politics!

for an excellent editorial summary on the WIsconsin controversy, see WAM News Room posting:

“On Wisconsin!”

The facts behind the propaganda against new “Reformer” Governors

* Gov. Walker’s plan removes teachers from separate bargaining power because it has resulted in costly separately-negotiated health care benefits for this segment. (Remember this is the state where one teacher’s group sued last year for not including FREE Viagra in their health plans!) This new plan still leaves teachers there with less contribution to pensions and health care than private sector employees. (Also, as reported on FOX, WI teachers can earn $89,000 per year and become “permanent” in their jobs by their 3rd year of teaching.) As stated by NY Education Commissioner: “it’s easier to imprison a killer these days than it is to fire any teacher.”

The GOP WI legislation under fire merely prohibits some public unions from bargaining on pensions and benefits (leaving rights on regarding salaries.)

Obama can no longer claim this is a loss of “constitutional rights” = because it’s been brought to light that even Federal employees do not have the bargaining power of these state-level job holders.

WI and IN, 2 states moving in this direction so far, require these actions to attempt to reduce untenable deficits (which many other states also face due to unrealistically established public employee benefits and pensions.) Democrats, now in the minority in these states who’ve responded by escaping their jobs (and leaving their states) to avoid a vote, are meeting with strong public disapproval (despite media spin to the contrary.)

No wonder union organizers have amassed behind these “unfairly treated” WI teachers – Stats indicate 1/4 of 8th grade students aren’t even able to read, so any sign of trends to “merit” pay could be dangerous to failing educators.

– With Walker’s Plan in place, teachers will no longer be automatically required to pay union dues – thus endangering massive union funds normally used to back Democratic campaigns.

So this trend, if sufficiently supported, could spell the demise of public union funds (ultimately funded by taxpayers) from being used as a prime political tool to keep in office union-backed politicians who keep their promises – with high wages and unsustainable benefits for their campaign backers. That long-term vicious cycle, which broke so many states to begin with, could be curtailed at long last!
On related fronts . . .
by Article AuthorWAM

Statue of Libery photoDid you know the FAA “Modernization” recently pushed through the Senate includes bargaining rights for the TSA union? It’s not hard to imagine the future nightmares this could generate!  SEE HERE!

Have you heard about new US Gov. Software which contracts private intelligence companies to manage “fake people”  to create phony consensus on social media sites?

On brighter fronts, see the Overview of HR ! – for the specific ways House GOPs plan to cut 100 billion dollars and terminate 150 Federal programs.

See WAM WATCH WASHINGTON HERE for a quick list of noteworthy ACTIONS in Congress this month – both pro and con: how the GOP are aiming to save jobs – by saving the light bulb- while DEMs and RINOs aim for more unnecessary high cost meddling abroad!

Wake Up America Movement is all volunteer. We Watch Washington, report the real facts and share smart strategies for Reform because we care. If you receive this email forwarded by a friend – hit reply here to be added to WAM Insider Insights email list.


5 Responses to "Wake Up America email"

#2 Shariah Islamic Law in America and Europe: What the West Needs To Know

#3 Shariah Finance: Securities Fraud? , this Gal in this Video is a Democrat Financial Professor and a expert in “Shariah-Compliant Finance (SFC).” with a stiff warning about what is going on in US Financial Firms in Wall Street .

Shariah Finance – USA Lawsuits and AIG – Tutorial #4 , this Gal in this Video is a Democrat Financial Professor and a expert in “Shariah-Compliant Finance (SFC).” with a stiff warning about what is going on in US Financial Firms in Wall Street .

Shariah Finance Watch
Exposing the Risks of Shariah Finance
Court clears way for Shariah-based bank

CAIR LA Rep Explains Islamic Finance on Fox TV – Shariah Banking in Focus

U.S. Interest in Shariah Finance Opens Dangerous Doors, Critics Say,2933,451416,00.html

Shariah Law Financing (Wall Street) Selling Our Souls , here is why Wall Street is doing fine while the American economy is withering away . “Shariah-Compliant Finance (SFC).” is a Zero Interest Policy , thus the reason why the Federal Reserve is Financing their holding in the Too Big to fail Wall Street Banking Sector at Zero Interest but this is causing the Federal Reserve to have to Keep doing Quantitative Easing programs to Originate the Funding , without a proper expansion of durable resource supplies being generated to back up these dollar allocations and this action make the Shariah Policy a failure right from the start .

GOOD BYE AMERICA , if we the people do not demand the restoring of Free Market Finance under the USA Constitution , so this form of favoritism doesn’t interferer with the Process of how advancement in Innovation through Risk Reward ventures operate . If we the People allow this Shariah Anti-Risk Compliance Culture evolve progress is defeated with the collective favoring Limits to Risk a self defeating Policy towards the process of evolution in Innovation . Society will become lacking in Incentives choosing to take the path of least resistance this Shariah Policy emulates , and in the end Less and Less Vital Needs supplies will be achieved !!! This will happen simply because their is no pressure to achieve the Impossible , and the Foundations of the American Dream is to always be faced with an Impossible task , and if you adopted this Shariah policy you are never forced to take a risk other than What their Ideology demands of you , and this is simply Anti-FREE market Philosophy that promotes a Free Enterprising innovative Incentive driven economy that can advance a society regardless of the culture .
This reasoning is evident in the fact that all the Oil in the Middle East was undeveloped before the fundamental of Free Thinking and Enterprising Risk takers entered into that Region and developed what NOW MAKES Arabia Wealthy with developed Oil Resources to sell and trade for a better way of Life , so you cannot say that Shariah is the Better alternative to the Wisdom of FREE Market Risk Reward Finance and the Method of Interest paying Bonding Finance to generate backing for Infrastructure developments !!! , in this article it talks about the TARP program being influenced by “Shariah-Compliant Finance (SFC).” it goes on to say that ; ” Thanks to the extraordinary authority conferred on Treasury since September, backed by the $700 billion Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP), the department is now in a position to impose its embrace of Shariah on the U.S. financial sector. The nationalization of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, Treasury’s purchase of – at last count – 17 banks and the ability to provide, or withhold, funds from its new slush-fund can translate into unprecedented coercive power.

And while Hank Paulson was Under extreme pressure to bailout the Arabian Investors he took a little FEE for being under so much Pressure , watch this video ….

And this Official is just plain scared to say anything about the Federal Reserve bailouts , hummmm, wonder if the extraordinary authority conferred on Treasury since September called “Shariah-Compliant Finance (SFC).” has anything to do with her loss of memory ???

And here is Bernanke having a time trying to control his words that won’t give away the Real Truth about where all the Taxpayer funds went that he dispersed ???

We the people Must End this By Ending the Federal Reserve !!!!! , first we do this to Prosecute the Criminals . , if we end the Federal Reserve we control the printing presses and we can then fund what needs to be done to restore the Life giving vital needs of the USA in a Independent manner that will place Intrinsic Value back behind the dollars worth , and fund these state banks though the commerce clause like this next link shows ,

Sen. Lee Bright: SC should coin its own money , this would work along with the valuation of all vital resources be in a basket of commodities , and these market values be averaged and those values be what represents the value of the currency …..

Right on Hungry. The Federal Reserve was a bad idea and should be abolished. Or at the very least it should be closely watched by congress. right now there are absolutely no controls or oversight.

As for Shariah finance I don’t completely understand it but I know the British have allowed it and are now trying to pull back. BB

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