And So I Go: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Cuts in government spending: a farce being played out in Washington DC.

Posted on: March 8, 2011

February 2011 was a historic month: it was the month that saw the highest ever deficit in government spending!  And while this is happening to our country we have a Congress and President in Washington fighting  tooth and nail over the cutting of mere pennies in government spending.   How can these people look at themselves in the mirror in the morning knowing what they are doing.  And believe me they do know what they are doing because they are,  in most cases, intelligent people.     The Deficit Reduction Committee appointed by President Obama has come up with a plan to help our country out of this on the long term and neither the President nor the Congress is willing to even speak of this plan.  WHY?   Bring it to the floor and debate the bill in Congress then vote it up or down.  The American people who understand this plan are 100% behind it.  I certainly am.  Yes, I will be hurt.  You will be hit and everyone will take a hit of one kind or another in this plan.  We ALL need to if we are to survive as a  viable country and not sink to a banana republic.  As has often been said most of us are  just one disaster from homelessness, well our nation is just one country like China who owns so much of our debt calling in our debt from becoming that banana republic.  That would trigger a flood of “knives” in our gut by countries all over the world!  Remember Caesar?  Well the United States is the Caesar of the world and the rest of the world with just a very few exceptions  is eager to see us fall.  Believe it!  BB


More facts and less rant at this site:

Federal Deficit: Will Someone Please Stop the Insanity?


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