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Oil companies or Governments? Who is really ripping you off?

Posted on: March 8, 2011

Local and Federal government taxes on oil is 4 times more than the profits of the big five oil companies so just who is ripping the We the People off?  When you are paying  $5 a gallon for  gasoline check out the amount your state charges for gasoline taxes then yell at your state representative about this rip.    Oil companies are private companies employing people and paying high taxes themselves while bringing a valuable commodity to you so they have a right to a profit; they have a right to make money for their investment.  You want to make a profit when you work or when you invest your money don’t you?

Governments on the other hand do very little to benefit you with the money they extort from you.  That  is FACT!   And once more governments don’t seem to be  efficient with your money or even able to tell you where the money is going.  So when they find they need more they don’t have to dig deeper into their own pockets to find it  or to stop wasting it, they just tax you some more.

Of course the governments tell you it is the nasty oil companies who are  the bad guys and some fools believe them.  Check out the facts then do something about it.  Obama is speaking of going into the oil reserves which would only keep us going for about a month in case of war or some national disaster so we really need to be careful how these reserves are used.  a better and much more help to people and the economy  would be for Obama to stop the oil taxes the federal government collects.  If he can put a moratorium on oil drilling he can cut the taxes.    AND, speaking of the moratorium he could damned well lift that stupidity and gas prices would go down as well as putting  one hundred thousand people back to work!  If this President was not intent on destroying the United States  he could very easily turn the economy around and get Americans back to work.  BB


7 Responses to "Oil companies or Governments? Who is really ripping you off?"

“BB” two years ago “Before the Obamination” gas was $1.86 a gallon and the Bush haters griped. However, I will say, that today, from what I’m hearing, the price of oil, subsequently gas, is being driven to a great extent, right or wrong, by the speculators due to circumstance in the middle east, and I suspect due to a weak Obamination America on the world scene. We are now second class citizens to many of the oil producing countries, especially to some in South America. Beau

Agreed on all points Beau. BB

I believe you are correct on all the points you have mentioned. But there is still the fact that oil companies make billions upon billions in profits every year and continue to be the most profitable industry out there. The government could help with the tax cut, but the gas companies still don’t need to charge as much as they do. They could decrease the prices by 25% and still be tremendously successful.
There is also the rumor that oil companies are paying off the government to keep their mouths shut in order to still be a multi-billion dollar industry and continue to be one of the most, if not the most profitable industries ever made.

Oil companies are in business to make money for their stock holders. I personally own stock in oil and like my dividends. Business is in business to make a profit and charge what the consumer will bear. the same can not be said for the government! The government is simply in the market of taking my money off of me in anyway it can so that the do-gooders can spend it in any way they want. BB

There’s still the fact that they charge too much and consumers are trying to cut back but it is hard considering oil is such an essential product to live off of these days. You may like your dividends, but your stock in oil is just another obvious reason that it is too high. Would you invest in oil if they did not make a ton of profits? No, you wouldn’t.

But Marty that is freedom to make our own choices! If the government or anyone or anything else has the right to tell oil companies what they can charge then the same goes for everything and everyone including you. Say you have your house for sale and are asking $200,000 and people are buying houses in your neighborhood for $200,000. Now the government comes in and tells you that some people can not afford your house at that price and you are asking too much and making too much of a profit. They tell you that because some people are hurting and can’t afford your price and they are cutting back and all people have a right to own their own home then you MUST cut the price of your house to $150,000. That is Socialism and Communism.

And you are right, I would not be investing in oil if they were not making a profit. I worked really hard for my money and now I am trying to have my savings make as much money for me as possible so that I can continue to stay off welfare in my old age. You and everyone else has this same right to CHOOSE where you spend your money and how you invest and how you live.

The reason oil is going so high is because President Obama has put a moratorium on drilling in our own country. IN FACT all ol of the Damned politicians for years have played around with the Middle East and their oil for reasons I have never understood. We are oil, coal and natural gas wealth in this country and yet we give our money to the Muslims who hate us. Our current President borrows $2 billion from China to give to Brazil so they can drill for oil off their coast and promises that we will be their best customers. At the same time that he won’t allow drilling to continue in the Gulf of Mexico and it has cost 700,000 Americans their jobs.

Back to your taunt: “Would you invest in oil if they did not make a ton of profits? No, you wouldn’t.” And neither would you! Or are you just pissed at me and anyone else who may have a little bit more than you do? I and my husband worked real hard all of our lives for what we have and thank God we live in a country where people are free to make or break it on their own.

By the way one of the Commandments tells you not to covet your neighbors goods. The oil companies in the United States are owned by investors like me and probably a lot of your neighbors. Now in Russia, China, Venezuela and Cuba and a few more Communist countries where the government tells people what they can have and charge and do the oil companies are owned by the government and a few extremely rich dictators. If you prefer that kind of country then Marty there are so many you have to choose from and you certainly don’t have to continue to live in the United States with me and other freedom loving people. But Marty please stop demanding that we Americans change the free country where all people can make themselves into anything they really work for and want, and the country so many died to keep free. BB

Touché Brenda!

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