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UPDATED: And the Beat (ing) goes on! Parts I and II

Posted on: March 14, 2011

From my blogger Friend  Mr. Produce aka ticker

Monday, March 14, 2011

And The Beat (ing) Goes On!

Who is getting a Beating?  We The People are folks in case you haven’t noticed– by the same folks who are in leadership,(supposedly) the ones that got elected by us to cut spending(supposedly) are “screwing up”, standing around and allowing us to take the beating while they make excuses.  After you have read this article and if you can tell me that we are not taking a beating , please advise as to what planet you are living on and make arrangements for me to move there cause I’ve taken about all the beating I can handle.

“In Washington, D.C., America is witnessing one of the grossest spectacles of fiscal incompetence, coupled with denial, ever perpetrated by a political party. And that’s the Republicans. Democrats have made it clear that they will accept nothing less than the destruction of the republic, if that’s what it take to prove progressivism is ‘successful.’
Over the top? Consider this: the highest cut in the federal budget proposed by the Irresponsible Republicans (Bonehead and Can’tor to name two who made such brilliant claims on cutting spending JUST TO GET ELECTED) is $61 billion. The Democrat Destroyers say such a cut is way over the top.
Last month, in 28 days, our government spent $223 billion of money we don’t have. That’s nearly four times more than the cuts proposed by the Irresponsible’s, every one of which will be fought tooth and nail by the Destroyers.

Any questions? (And if you don’t you need to or are just plain brain dead) I have one. At what point does this eyes-wide-open effort to bankrupt America reach the boiling point with the American public?

If someone came into your house and ‘borrowed’ a little over seven hundred bucks — per family member — I bet most Americans would be pretty upset.(Actually a better word would be ROBBED for that is what it is) Well try dividing $233 billion in borrowed money by 300 million Americans, and guess what: that’s precisely what the Obama administration added to every citizen’s share of the debt — in one month.”

And the beat goes on, and on and on!


Thanks to–columnist Arnold Ahlert  via the Patriot Post


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

And The Beat (ing) Goes On! Part 2

Who is getting a Beating?  We The People are folks in case you haven’t noticed– by the same folks who are in leadership,(supposedly) the ones that got elected by us to cut spending(supposedly) are “screwing up”, standing around and allowing us to take the beating while they make excuses. Here is more of the mess they are creating.

Congress has three weeks to put together a plan to fund the government for the next six months and so far all they have done is the usual name calling , posturing and finger pointing.  Obama scolded Congress and said” We can’t keep on running the government based on two week extensions.”  Speaker Bonehead (HAR-Ohio) pointed out that “we’re trying to clean up last year’s mess”.  Of course he is  somewhat correct on that point since the Democrats didn’t bother to even submit a budget for fear that the blood shed of November would be worse than expected. The Republicans were wrong for not forcing the issue and jumping up and down on the issue but then some were too busy “running for position”. Bonehead’s name comes to mind since that all he could do during much of last term.
So it seems that some important issues are now on the back burner and We The People are in for another BEATING. Defunding of Planned Parenhood and Obamanocare are all set aside despite promises from GOP leadership to scuttle both immediately but seems it will wait until a more convenient time. Of course the primary antagonist of the “good ole boys” in the GOP, Rep Michele Bachmann (R-MN) doesn’t like it one bit and has taken on the “ole boy’s” establishment and firing both barrels saying “You don’t win if you don’t fight”. and how right she is.  It appears that the “establishment GOP is taking on Obama’s tactic of retreat and bowing as well as stuttering while taking NO ACTION , and the Beat(ing) goes on.
Bachmann and Steven King (R-Iowa) called for the GOP to stand by their pledge. “If we do not stand our ground on the CR (continuing resolutions)… and use it to stop the $105.5 billion… Obamacare will be implemented on our watch, and …we will find it difficult–if not impossible–to regain the strategic advantage.”

Right now, it’s the Democrats with the strategic advantage. For weeks, they’ve managed to “bully” the GOP with their threat of a government shutdown. Everyone, including the Associated Press knows there’s really no such thing as a government shutdown (unless you’re planning a visit to the National Parks). Given the fact of how limited the impact would be, there’s absolutely no reason for Republicans to cower, hide under their desk and not stand their ground on the pledge made pre-November and in January. Nevertheless, the three-week extension  gives up not only social ground but fiscal ground as well. Of the twenty-five programs targeted in this CR, twenty-three of the cuts were requested by the President or Democrats. As for the other two, they simply end the funding for two projects that no longer exist. So far all the three CR;s have done is cut $10 billion but it is but a smoke screen to cover the $4 billion that is being borrowed every day.
Republican Study Committee Chairman Jim Jordan (Ohio), in an attempt to get the leadership back on track has presented the Committees own budget proposal but so far no one is listening and the Beat(ing) Goes On.

Who else is slinking and lurking in the shadows and doing nothing to keep the momentum of November on track?   Well it seems that the “Pelosi” like clone from Alaska, RINO Senator Murkowski doesn’t agree with the pledge to defund Planned Parenthood and using the same language as Planned Parenthood leaders and  former House Speaker Pelosi claims they provide “vital services”. Wonder if she meant services such as pimping for teen hookers  , providing abortions and then covering it up, surely not!  But alas it’s true, she defends Planned Parenthood and the GOP does nothing but REWARD HER!
One would think that the Republicans would be running from her like running from stink on a skunk but instead Bonehead and the so called leadership rewarded her by allowing her to represent the entire party in the GOP’s weekly radio address.

And the Beat(ing) Goes On folks.

The future of this country is at stake and unless it is four more years of “Obamination” that you want please let  your Senator’s and Representatives  know that you are tired of the BEATINGS. Let them know that they don’t have until 2012 to fiddle around and then claim “WE TRIED” because it won’t fly and they will be looking for employment elsewhere but good luck with Obama and his minions in charge for four more years.  STOP THE BEATINGS!

UPDATE: THIS AFTERNOON 54 TEA PARTY MEMBERS TOOK A STAND BUT BONEHEAD SELLS OUT AS USUAL. Be sure to read the link included in this article   dissent from Tea Party Republicans



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Thanks for carrying this over to your blog BB. I did a follow up today with the same title, Part 2. Seems the Beat(ing) Goes On.


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