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Wake Up America Newsletter: Federal Budget Continuing Resolution

Posted on: March 14, 2011

Newsletter from Wake Up America.


Wake Up America Movement

Contact Congress: STOP Trojan Horse               “Continuing Resolution”

Please forward  this vital information to reform minded friends

WAM Action Alert
March 13, 2010

Dear Brenda,
Help call a halt to Progressive delay tactics – deceptively funding ObamaCare right now – by sharing this information via blogs, forums and email outreach!

What do Wisconsin and Washington now have in common? Purposeful “foot-dragging” tactics to implement lame duck laws – against public opinion and to our detriment – at our expense!

Democratic Senators of Wisconsin ran from their state – and their posts – for more than two weeks to delay passage of legislation vital to the state budget. Why delay the inevitable? Because (as only locals who listen to talk radio know) School Boards, put in place by Teachers Unions there, have been busy arranging new contracts that override the cost controls of the new law. Even now that Governor Walker has signed the legislation (reducing union excesses) legal maneuvers are being applied to stall its implementation – so price-fixing board meetings can carry on first.   These representatives of special interests have demonstrated a lack of total disregard of their constituents and the rule of law!

What does that have to do with our national government? The same stall tactics are being applied – to delay finalization of a new budget until ObamaCare expenditures and directives are already in place.


While budget resolutions keep being pushed down the road, millions of dollars hidden in ObamaCare legislation are putting in place an enormous -hard to dismantle- bureacratic expansion


Behind the scenes, Democrats know they are getting their way – just by stalling! The longer that “Continuing Resolutions” are used for temporary funding, the further toxic re-organization of the health care system can move along. And the more arms that octopus grows the harder they will be to cut off and dismantle later!  Many of US worked hard to elect Capitol Hill representation with a promise of transparency, reform – and repeal of ObamaCare.


WAM urges every citizen whose invested in better – and less – government to

make your voice heard in Washington this Monday and Tuesday.


The “Continuing Resolution” vote is schedules this week for Wednesday.

We know with all the smoke and mirrors Congressional action – and inaction – on our fiscal crisis has been challenging to follow: while short term stop-gaps pile up, the issues of the debt ceiling and a real cost-cutting annual budget loom large. But NO SINGLE ISSUE carries the weight of the long-term negative impact of ObamaCare’s hidden funding being dragged along while Congress kicks the can of final financial compromises down the road. By now, we’re all accustomed to ever-repeating scare tactics on the consequences of a federal “shut down.” But what would it really mean?


Voting down this week’s Continuing Resolution would immediately halt the Federal financial infusion – and intrusion – of the massive health overhaul!

Recently, Representative Michelle Bachmann has been a voice in the wilderness bringing these facts to light. Now she and other reform-minded representatives are counting on We the People to raise our voices against these endless attempts at compromise. They need US to tell our own representatives that we get the real picture and insist they STOP this nonsense by VOTING NO on this week’s “Continuing Resolution.”




TAKE A STAND by contacting your Representative & Senators now


CONGRESSIONAL Switchboard: (202)224-3121                SIMPLE MESSAGE:

VOTE NO now on Continuing Resolution – STOP hidden funding of ObamaCare!




Wake Up America Movement

Dear Brenda,

As you know, you have been urged to support a NO Vote on the Federal budget’s Continuing Resolution, which is coming to a vote this week on Capitol Hill. Yet, some ask: is this a sensible course of action? To clarify:

  • Kicking the budget can down the road is an intentional Progressive strategy to continue the funding and establishment of ObamaCare;
  • If the GOP hold true to campaign promises and use their House of Representatives majority to stop this budgetary extension, this measure will move to the Senate;
  • If the Senate also votes Nay this will move to the Chief Executive’s desk;
  • If Obama vetoes this action, the Democratic party, not the GOP will be held responsible for the interruption of Federal funding;
  • That outcome will make publicly clear who is responsible for the temporary “shut down” – and the real reason why:
    • The public will finally know that all these repeated budget delays – in the face of U.S. economic crisis – has been a forced, manipulative strategy to keep spending “hidden” dollars to entrench the expenses, rules and regulations and new agencies in their unwanted new Health Care system!

Furthermore, it’s already been made abundantly clear that the Progressive “sky is falling” scare tactics are both exaggerated and false: there are several available options to maintain essential funding without passing the Continuing Resolution.

WAM hopes you have found these clarifications helpful. If you were already fully informed on this complex issue, do forward this information to your own reform-minded contacts who may find it useful.

Remember: We the People need to let Congress know this Monday and Tuesday to stop this insanity this week by voting down the Continuing Resolution. By doing so, public pressure is likely to end this false extension maneuver – thus ending ObamaCare’s current movements toward implementation – just as the GOP promised US!

QUICK contact to your Representative & Senators:

CONGRESSIONAL Switchboard: (202)224-3121                SIMPLE MESSAGE:

VOTE NO now on Continuing Resolution – STOP hidden funding of ObamaCare!




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