And So I Go: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Japan and the Japanese people need our support, and prayers.

Posted on: March 18, 2011

I have been asked why I have not posted on the problems the earth quake has caused the Japanese people.  It certainly is not because  I am not viewing very carefully with both my head and my heart the terrible things that nature has done to these people, but because it is my policy to bring my readers topics that I think are not adequately covered by the news media or not covered at all.


My heart and my charity has gone out to the people of Japan and I will continue to give as much as I can.  These people have shown remarkable courage, honor  and decency in the face of unheard of  destruction to the northern portion of their small country.  The people in the quake zone and especially those in the area of the nuclear power plants that are self destructing are  suffering all kinds of hardships and yet on TV all I have seen is how the people are helping each other.   I have seen not riots or looting of what little might still be left in stores or stealing from those who have managed to  get some things that they desperately need.  In fact, I have seen sharing of basic needs!


I hope you too are helping these people with what ever resources you can spare and with all the prayers you can offer up for them.  BB


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