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Wrong target AGAIN!

Posted on: March 20, 2011

I am going to say just one thing about the attack on  Gadhafi: it is stupid!  The world decides to attack and lay low a gnat when a fiery dragon runs loose in Iran.  A few thousand barrels of oil vs nuclear holocaust.  Am I the only one seeing the  world gone mad here?  BB


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I am going to say just one thing about the attack on Gadhafi: it is stupid! The world decides to attack and lay low a gnat when a fiery dragon runs loose in Iran. A few thousand barrels of oil vs nuclear holocaust. Am I the only one seeing the world gone made here? BB

“BB” I agreer we not be overtly involved, but we should be in there covertly to be sure some nut worse than Gadhafi doesn’t emerge. I understand every exiled whack job arab is on their way to Lybia to steak a claim. Beau

We need to always remember that these are people who have lived their lives under terrible tyrany. If we can’t remember that, lets at least try to remember that even arabs deserve to live free. If it were up to America, and it’s not, Gaddafy would still be a “valued freind”. America has no choice but to help if all the flowery talk about freedom is supposed to really mean somthing! It’s bound to strain relationships with other Tyrants that America holds close to it’s breast, but the best bet is to ride this tide of revolt to where it leads rather than appear indifferent to the cause of freedom. Even if it’s only arab freedom. As far as the world going mad, how about the world “getting mad”, and doing somthing about it?

A very significant difference is that the Libyan leader actually attacked his people; Iran’s leader threatens, and has not used nuclear weapons.

Is it your position that when we think that someone might use nuclear weapons that we should attack them pre-emptively, and that when they act people using conventional weapons we should not?

Should be “attack” not “act”

Yes Reggie as far as the nuts in Iran, and actually any Middle Eastern country, is concerned I think their having nuclear weapons is a dire threat to the world.

As far as Libya is concerned it is stupid for the United States to become involved. And as it turned out we were the only ones involved! Where were the Europeans who wanted this? Where were the rest of the Arab League? first they were calling on us to get involved and now they are accusing us of going too far and killing civilians. Yet they all have the American weapons and plans and we have trained their pilots to use them. It is time long past for the United States to stop policing the world!

As for “talk of freedom” that is all that we should do. That and show the way by conducting our own country as free as possible and as decently as possible. We seem to have lost our way and need to clean up our own house now before we start nation building overseas! Freedom is like staying on a diet: it is solely up to the individual involved and no one else can do it for you. Countries who wish to be free must fight for and earn their own freedom. I personally am disgusted with these so -call freedom fighters in Libya. they are a mob with weapons. Shooting off their guns in the air like children on a mad holiday. In my opinion Gadhafi is a more stable and intelligent choice for running the country than these thugs and until someone steps forward and shows some leadership we should allow the only person standing who seems to be able to control the mob to take control.

The revolt in Egypt was an example of how a revolt should be conducted IMO. The Egyptians were a disciplined group and worthy of respect and encouragement. They are now worthy of our support as long as it doesn’t mean our going in with our army to help them.

And yes! Iran is our big concern or at least should be. Have you not been listening to the leaders in Iran? Why will people not take these people at their world? I believe they know exactly what they are saying and planning to do. LISTEN to them because they have been telling the world for several years exactly who they are and what they are going to do as soon as they have the abilities!

this is a world gone mad! BB

I’m not sure how educated you are about America’s stuggle for freedom, but it never would have happened without all the work that Benjamin Franklin did to secure large loans and the promise of military help of France. The statue of liberty, a gift from France, stands to this day as a reminder of that relationship. People need freinds in this world, and countries do too. Old Ben may have had a taste for French prostitutes, but he knew how to play the French off on the British. He was a brilliant man who knew his country needed France’s help for their revolution to succeed!

Terry I have a major in US History as well as a life long love of history. Yes all countries need friends but our government has been “buying” these friends around the world for the past 60+ years and this is what has to stop. Neither a person nor a country can buy friendship! I wish we had just one Old Ben around today because if we did we would not I assure you be paying just about every country in the world (even Russia and China) to like us. BB

Hmm…well said!

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