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» Original Pigford Claimant Calls It One of the ‘Biggest Conspiracies Against the U.S. Treasury Ever’

Posted on: March 29, 2011

» Original Pigford Claimant Calls It One of the ‘Biggest Conspiracies Against the U.S. Treasury Ever’ – Big Government.

There is entirely too many rip offs like this in our federal government.  These things happen when government gets involved in too much of our lives.  I have always believed that the farm subsidies were wrong.  this belief came about in the early 1960’s when I learned that my 67 year old father-in-law was being paid by our government NOT to farm his land.  Pop was retired and had no intention to farm his land anyhow but because he owned a farm the government was paying him NOT to farm.  Then I learned about all the multi-billion dollar agri-businesses that were getting millions in subsidies every year just for owning  vacant land that they claimed was farm land.

Anyhow, this story is a scandal that should not have happened and should stop.  BB

Original Pigford Claimant Calls It One of the ‘Biggest Conspiracies Against the U.S. Treasury Ever’

by Lee Stranahan

It’s back to business on our investigation of the Pigford story – the ongoing fraud that needs your help and attention to make it stop. The mainstream – with a few exceptions like John Stossel – are ignoring the story of the one of the biggest frauds in U.S. history because it doesn’t fit their narrative. The good guys are the real farmers who faced discrimination at the hands of the UsDA and the people, mostly conservative at this point, trying to bring their story to light. The bad guys are the trial lawyers, politicians, race hustlers and those inside the USDA who profit by lying to the public about how the Pigford settlement is a ‘victory’ for black farmers.

In this video, we introduce you to Lucious Abrams, a Georgia farmer who was one of the seven original claimants. Abrams has spent years working for justice only to be betrayed by people like the Congressional Black Caucus.  Now Lucious is speaking out and speaking truth to the power structure that doesn’t speak for him.

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When a group like Color of Change wants to silence investigation into Pigford, it’s farmers like Lucious Abrams they are silencing.

When liberals on sites like DailyKos try to bully Rep. Steve King and Rep. Michele Bachmann with charges of racism, it’s really farmers like Lucious Abrams they are bullying.

When supposed advocates for black farmers like John Boyd ignore the plight of real black farmers and keep the Pigford fraud going, it’s famers like Lucious Abrams they ignore.

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2 Responses to "» Original Pigford Claimant Calls It One of the ‘Biggest Conspiracies Against the U.S. Treasury Ever’"

This explains everything , please spread this Everywhere .

I don’t think this explains the Pigford scandal but it certainly is very important and needs to be gotten out to the People. thank you. BB

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