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God Is Gone In the New Dollar Coin « YOU DECIDE

Posted on: April 7, 2011

God Is Gone In the New Dollar Coin « YOU DECIDE.

This post is from another blog post.  His title is “You Decide”  and you certainly should decide on this issue.  How dare they remove “In God we trust” from our money!  The United States is a Christian country!  Our founding fathers very much relied on God the Father to guide them in establishing this republic and it is evident in the God given freedoms that we American’s enjoy that are not a part of others  national heritage.   Now we have a socialist government in the White House and much of Congress!  Fight this outrage today, tomorrow and ALWAYS.  BB

God Is Gone In the New Dollar Coin

07 Apr

Good friend and great American fellow blogger sen this to me via e-mail

Well, distribution has begun…Refuse new coins!

True Americans will refuse these

It has begun….Refuse new coins!


This simple action will make a strong statement.

Please help do this.. Refuse to accept these when they are

handed to you.

I received one from the Post Office as change and I asked for a

dollar bill instead.

The lady just smiled and said ‘way to go’ , so she had read

this e -mail.

Please help out..our world is in enough trouble

without this too!!!!!

U.S.Government to Release

New Dollar Coins

You guessed it


If ever there was a reason to boycott something,




Together we can force them out of circulation..

Please send

to all on

your mailing list!!!

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19 Responses to "God Is Gone In the New Dollar Coin « YOU DECIDE"

Thank you for the link 🙂

We the People are fighting back and that is the important thing to remember in all this. The creatures are doing their underhanded best tho so we have to stay on top of the news. BB

Are you religious people stupid or what?

First of all, what does it matter whether IN GOD WE TRUST is on a coin or not? Neither God nor Jesus would approve.

Second, the motto has NOT been removed from the dollar coin. The Presidential dollars started in 2007 by having the motto on the edge, along with the more important E PLURIBUS UNUM, the date and mint mark.

Third, religious zealots forced the Congress to put the motto on the front of the coin starting in 2009. This defeated the original intent to make the coin more pleasing by reducing the number of mottos on the front or back of the coin.

Please look before you speak next time, or at least check

The coin says “In God we trust” on the side.

Okay. I got this one from a blogger I trust. He must have over looked the well hidden “In God we trust”. Very well hidden indeed and likely to wear off quickly. I would say it is the same as not being there at all. Just my opinion of course. BB

The early ones have it on the side, the newer ones on the front. And no, it does not “wear off easy”.

Maybe you should actually go and request some from the bank and see for yourself before you post something so ludicrous.

It is my belief that “In God We Trust” should be up front and prominent. And I do now have one of the “earlier ones”. I will take your word that the motto is on the front in the later version; this fact is probably because a fuss was made by real Americans. BB

Look at any picture of the new ones. It is there.

And believing such a thing doesn’t make you any more of a “real American” than anybody else.

In Canada (where we DON’T have “God” on our money), we have a much smaller murder rate, per capita, and a population much less obsessed with sex, and glorified violence. I don’t mean to brag, but can you imagine how God-like we’d be if we put the word “God” on our money. Did you know that in the U.S. the Red States are the largest consumers of pornography. God’s country? How about we put “In God we trust” on all the gun barrels and pornography packaging? Or maybe not, that sounds socialist or something!

Terry Canada is a much smaller country than the United States so I really don’t think comparison is possible. And yes, Canada is far more socialistic than the United States. Both countries have their problems. Our murder rate and prison population is due very much to the morality borrowed from Europe whereby marriage was not necessary to have and raise a child. One parent homes breed children who are dysfunctional because of poverty in the first place and then the lack of a male role model. this is a fact of the removing the necessity of marriage from our social structure; the removal of shame and censure for immoral behavior. Hopefully we as a nation can change this destructive behavior. BB

Maybe you should actually focus on currency instead of using it as bait to have people debate morality with you.

“In God we trust” first began appearing on coins in the 1860s and on notes in 1957. Does that make the people who did not put it on there any less Christian?

Maybe you should actually start using dollar coins and 2 dollar bills. Using them does not make you any less of a Christian.

I agree the single mother issue and the inner-city problems are a big reason for America being in a mess, but the idea that putting “God” on the money will please God and somehow help the country seems like mere window dressing. As for European values, Europe has a vastly lower violent crime rate than America, (or much of the rest of the world). So why are their terrible values only having an effect on America, and not their own countries. Here’s a simple question: Do you think that blaming others for Americas problems will in any way help America in the end or would accepting the truth that America is to blame for it’s own problems be a better way to start. Wash your own clothes, and stop throwing mud!

Terry, we Americans are a breed apart from others. Our ancestors who came to this new world were the boldest most adventurous and the most individualistic. The meek and the mild stayed home. This even includes those brought against their wills to thi9s country because only the most bold and having the greatest “fighting spirit” survived the ordeal. We have these genes in our bodies and this is what in part leads to the more pronounced responses to situations. That is, more violence. It can be seen best when compared to the rest of the world in our military—–like who had to come in to win both world wars? Our military whether drafted or voluntary was more focused and determined to win than the other countries. Americans will never go silently to being taken over by another country as others have been. In fact, I would bet that even if taken over there would be an underground war wagged over generations against any oppressor. This is why European values when adopted by Americans is so much more violent and destructive—even self destructive when no other opponent is available.

Now all that background being pointed out, I am not blaming others for our problems. We Americans are to blame for our problems and must be the solution. Our solutions however will not be those of the Europeans who go quietly and accepting of their governments decrees. they go into their homes and grumble and mumble to themselves but allow generations to go by under an oppressive government. Americans grumble and mumble on the streets! and this makes all the difference.

God on money is merely a symbol. We have lost God in our lives and so to get Him back in our lives we must insist that having Him as a symbol from our past when He did live in our daily lives is very necessary if we are to get Him back in our daily lives. Do you understand? We have allowed Him to be taken away from our daily existence in so many ways already. Christmas is no longer Christ Mass but is a Winter Holiday. This happen first by taking the Nativity out of the city park! Taking the Ten Commandments out of the schools and especially out of the courts houses and courts of law! We Americans MUST bring Him back to all these outward places so He once again finds a place in our hearts and our daily activities. BB

I appreciate your proud and fiesty response. I would expect no less from a patriot and a proud American. I also agree with your belief in America’s energy and idealism. Your country is the leader of the world (in many ways) and has many things to be proud of. Unfortunately, America (and all the great Empires that have come before), to often have seen self-critisism as weakness, and are loathe to admit the true nature of their problems before it’s too late. And too often think the answer to every problem is to “get tougher.” Donald Trump and the success of his rhetoric come to mind. Unfortunately, that kind of approach to the world will only breed contempt and resentement. As for God being taken out of the Public Square, I would just remind you that American television and the Internet have long been the new public meeting place and is where Americans now most absorb social culture and values. If a quick review of what America is watching every night on this media is any clue, the lack of Christian symbols on civic property seems the least of Americas problems.

Terry, Americans will overcome any and all problems I have no doubt because we were a miracle from the very beginning. The United States should not have been! All odds were against this nation becoming a nation, but we did because of the character of the people who came to this new land.

As for self criticism, Dear Lord Sir, we Americans are the most out spoken and self critical of all nations because we are FREE to criticize our institutions and government. No other country in the world allows its citizens the freedom to speak out as does our nation; even your Canada has its many taboos against free speech else you would have long ago done something about Quebec! 🙂

Now Canada is quickly moving towards a Socialist country like England and no longer allows speakers with differing views to enter the country. You are also allowing a larger and larger segment of the country (and government) to be turned over to the Islam and sharia law. This while Canadians only whisper their discontent. I met many Canadians while traveling as full time RVers both in Canada and the United States and listened to the QUIET grumbling. With all this however it was very clear that they all knew how to keep their heads down!

One other thing always amazes me: Canadians and in fact all peoples have an inordinate interest in and knowledge of the United States and America. This is not the case at all with Americans. We frankly have little interest in what other countries are doing. (That is most of us. I now read foreign newspapers daily because they are available on the Internet—but then I am rather weird as you know. :)) Why the great interest in us? Is it envy and/or sour grapes? Americans frankly again just don’t understand why either of these emotional responses towards us. We certainly don’t envy or dislike any other nationality or nation. Is it the rich man on the hill thing? Why? Americans work harder and longer hours than any other nation. Americans are also the most generous when there is a disaster anywhere in the world, but other than trying to be a good neighbor we mind our own business. BB

Thank-you for setting me straight. You said so much that I just can’t refute. Yes, my country is a weak and pathetic place and I admit that we, like all others in the world, are simply jealous of America’s greatness and special status in God’s sight. I wonder what those weak and pathetic Canadians in their RV’s would think to hear their American friend talk about them “knowing to keep their heads down.” You are so right Brenda, I’ll never question you again. Goodbye

Dearest Terry: Thank God and LOL! BB

You make Americans look bad. Read the Treaty of Tripoli. Read what Jefferson and our other founding fathers had to say about religion. For Pete’s sake, read the Constitution. We are not and never were a Christian Nation.
But, we all know you won’t. You will place your fingers firmly in your ears and shut your eyes and sing “JESUS LOVES ME THIS I KNOW, FOR THE BIBLE TELLS ME SO.” as loud as you can possibly muster.

I and the rest of my fellow Christian Americans in our Christian Nation will pray for you Stacy. BB

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