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Newwsletter from Heritage Action—Obama’s tax hikes explained

Posted on: April 21, 2011

(Be sure to click on the referred site for better understanding of what Obama is proposing now.  Now that he is no longer in his “Ineffective President” mode and on his “Effective Presidential Campaigner” mode TWO YEARS BEFORE THE ELECTION!  Are any in the Main Stream Media asking who is acting as President of the United States while Obama is absent?  BB)

Dear Brenda,

After President Obama released a budget that continues reckless spending and record deficits, we knew his ‘reducing the deficit’ speech would call for tax hikes. Sure enough, with the euphemism “shared responsibility” he called for Americans to paymore towards the federal government’s largess.We are absolutely opposed to tax hikes. When we dug through the speech, we realized that 60% of Obama’s “deficit reduction” came from tax hikes. Moreover, raising enough money to shrink the deficit would require taxing the middle class. This is more of the same from President Obama, and America has had enough.

We immediately launched a petition, asking Americans to remind President Obama and the rest of the Washington establishment that they weren’t elected to raise taxes.

Within two days, over 15,000 Americans signed our petition.

Statements like this help us break through the beltway noise. While pundits and the political class talk about “boosting revenue,” we are here to remind Washington that such ‘boosts’ come from the pocketbooks hard-working Americans.

Thank you for standing with us against tax hikes. Together, we can build an America where freedom, opportunity, and prosperity flourish.


Tim Chapman
Chief Operating Officer
Heritage Action for America

2 Responses to "Newwsletter from Heritage Action—Obama’s tax hikes explained"

There is so much evil in the white House these days.

One of the taxes he wants to raise is for all those making more than $106,000 a year. how? The cap for Social Security payments is now set at $106,000. Income over this amount is not taxed. Obama would raise the cap to around $200,000 which would be an effective tax of 12% on individuals (individuals pay 1/2 and employers pay 1/2 of social security tax but really it is considered by any employer just employee wages). This of course means an extra tax burden for employers the majority of whom are SMALL business owners so they will be unlikely to be able to offer employees wage increases. But it would bring a lot of money into the treasury for Obamanites to spend. BB

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