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Obama’s Proposed New Executive Order: Transparency or A Boot On The Throat?

Posted on: April 23, 2011

Obama’s Proposed New Executive Order: Transparency or A Boot On The Throat? | The Blaze.

This is indeed “transparent”  it is more transparent thuggism from the Thug in Chief!  Just what does a company’s or a company’s employees political contributions have to do with their bidding on a government contract!!?  An Executive Order no less so that Congress did not have an opportunity to weigh in on this.  Congress can however jump in and over turn it by making a law disallowing any such political  reporting on contracts.  They would have to go thru the Democrat Senate and Obama himself however so this leaves We the People to raise a little Hell.  BB

Obama’s Proposed New Executive Order: Transparency or A Boot On The Throat?

What would you think if, before any government contracts could be awarded to private businesses, all bidders were required to reveal any and all political contributions made by the company, its executives and board of directors?

One could infer that such a rule might create the potential for the government to decide on who wins the contract based on the company’s political leanings or that of its officers, instead of getting the best company to do the job for the best price.

Additionally, such a requirement might allow the government to financially punish any company that makes donations to candidates considered to be in competition with their party’s agenda. This situation is very close to becoming reality as a draft of the order has been circulating around Washington, DC and raising quite a few eyebrows.

Senate Minority Leader, Mitch McConnell was not pleased to hear about this and released the following written statement;

‘No White House should be able to review your political party affiliation before deciding if you’re worthy of a government contract. And no one should have to worry about whether their political support will determine their ability to get or keep a federal contract or keep their job.’

McConnell’s statement was rebutted by White House spokesperson Jay Carney  who claimed that this was more about ‘transparency’ than politics.

Not lost on fans of irony should be the fact that the same administration claiming to be fighting for transparency also accepted an award for transparency behind closed doors and without the benefit of any media coverage. And then there is last week’s Blaze story on the glaring lack of transparency from the White House visitor logs.

Fox News covered the Executive Order story tonight on ‘Special Report’

This Executive Order is currently in draft form. (H/T to Pajamas Media)

We will update as needed.


1 Response to "Obama’s Proposed New Executive Order: Transparency or A Boot On The Throat?"

Obama have only one Plan ” The Destruction of USA.”

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