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Interesting videos from Reason tv.

Posted on: May 11, 2011 – Videos > Agricultural Subsidies.

“The government is bailing out the banks…but who’s going to bail out the government?” asks Texas cotton farmer Ken Gallaway, a vocal critic of agricultural subsidies that cost U.S. taxpayers and consumers billions of dollars a year in direct payments and higher prices for farm goods.

Agricultural subsidies were put in place in the 1930s during the Great Depression, when 25 percent of Americans lived on farms. At the time, Secretary of Agriculture Henry Wallace called them “a temporary solution to deal with an emergency.” Those programs are still in place today, even though less than 1 percent of Americans currently live on farms that are larger, more efficient, and more productive than ever before.

Consider these facts. Ninety percent of all subsidies go to just five crops: corn, rice, cotton, wheat, and soybeans. Two thirds of all farm products—including perishable fruits and vegetables—receive almost no subsidies. And just 10 percent of recipients receive 75 percent of all subsidies. A program intended to be a “temporary solution” has become one of our government’s most glaring examples of corporate welfare.

U.S. taxpayers aren’t the only ones who pay the price. Cotton subsidies, for example, encourage overproduction which lowers the world price of cotton. That’s great for people who buy cotton, but it’s disastrous for already impoverished cotton farmers in places such as West Africa.

U.S. farm programs cost taxpayers billions each year, significantly raise the price of commodities such as sugar (which is protected from competition from other producers in other countries), undermine world trade agreements, and contribute to the suffering of poor farmers around the world. It’s bad public policy, especially in these troubled economic times.

“Agricultural Subsidies: Corporate Welfare for Farmers” is hosted by’s Nick Gillespie and is approximately 8.30 minutes long. The producer-writer is Paul Feine and the producer-editor is Roger Richards.

For an audio podcast version, go here. – Videos > Reason-Rupe Poll: 96% Worry About Federal Debt, 74% Want Spending Cap….

Los Angeles (May 3, 2011) — As the federal government rapidly approaches the $14.3 trillion debt ceiling, 96 percent of Americans say it is important to reduce the national debt, according to a new Reason Foundation-Rupe poll. Of those surveyed, 69 percent believe reducing the national debt is “very important.”

With the debt piling up, it is also clear that taxpayers do not trust the federal government to live within its means. In fact, the Reason-Rupe survey finds 74 percent of Americans support implementing a spending cap that would prohibit the government from spending more money than it takes in during a fiscal year. Only 19 percent oppose a government spending cap.

The most popular policy prescription for reducing the national debt is spending cuts: 45 percent of people say Congress should bring down the debt by reducing spending without raising taxes. Another 16 percent favor reducing the debt primarily through spending cuts, but are open to some tax increases; 14 percent prefer an equal emphasis on spending cuts and tax increases; 8 percent want to reduce the debt primarily through higher taxes with some spending cuts; 4 percent say current spending levels should be maintained and taxes should be raised as needed; and 1 percent of Americans say we shouldn’t do anything about the debt.

Open-Ended Questions on the Economy and Spending

The Reason-Rupe poll included several open-ended questions that allowed respondents to voice concerns and share their own ideas. When asked to name the biggest problem facing America today, 30 percent say the economy, 23 percent name jobs and unemployment, and 10 percent cite government spending, debts and deficits.

When given the opportunity to name any government program they’d like to spend less money on 22 percent of Americans suggest cutting military and defense spending. Welfare (10 percent) and foreign aid (10 percent) were the other most-named cuts. When asked, open-ended, what the government should spend more money on, 39 percent say education, 16 percent focus on helping the poor and needy, and 13 percent single out health care.

2012 Presidential Election

With the 2012 election season ramping up, frustrated voters appear ready to look beyond Democratic and Republican candidates. Eighty percent say they will or may consider voting for a third-party or independent presidential candidate in 2012. And an even higher number of independents (89 percent) and GOP voters (86 percent) say they will or may consider candidates outside of the two major political parties.

The willingness to look beyond Democrats and Republicans stems, in part, from voters’ lack of trust in them. When asked which political party they trust to govern responsibly, the leading answer was “neither,” at 35 percent, followed by Democrats at 31 percent and Republicans at 23 percent. The survey also found 58 percent of voters believe they’d either see “no difference” or be “better off” if Congress were only in session every other year.


Having recently filed their federal income taxes, 56 percent of Americans support replacing the current complicated tax system with a flat tax. Forty-four percent also favor, and 36 percent oppose, giving up the mortgage interest deduction and other tax breaks if it results in a simpler system with lower overall tax rates.  One tax change that respondents are against is a national sales tax. Just 33 percent of Americans support replacing federal income taxes with a national sales tax.

When asked about the amount of federal, state, local and property taxes they pay, 51 percent of Americans say they pay too much in taxes, 41 percent believe they pay about the right amount and 4 percent think they pay too little.

Public Sector Benefits and Pensions

Half of all respondents say that public sector workers receive better benefits that those with similar jobs in the private sector, but only 37 percent support cutting those public employee benefits to help balance state budgets.

Drug Legalization and Medical Marijuana

Forty-one percent of the country supports legalizing small quantities of marijuana for personal use, while 44 percent opposes legalization.  And in the wake of federal raids on medical cannabis dispensaries in states where medical marijuana has already been legalized, 69 percent of Americans say each state should be allowed to regulate medical marijuana use within its borders.


5 Responses to "Interesting videos from Reason tv."

We are seeing inflation in food related products , Vital Human needs , because of a shrinking supply , and the subsidies should be directed towards Expanding the Supply of Food Related and energy products the 2 main categories which we see Inflation .
The expansion in Paper Commercial Currency is still just chasing an existing supply source and we still do not see these funds expanding the overall supply to bring down cost of these products that we see the inflation in .
The Policy Makers are Not doing their jobs directing Policy in ways that will drive Capital expansion into growth in supply-side markets that are experiencing the inflation we see mainly in Food and Energy , actually all we have seen is a Government Intervention that has done NOTHING but stop Supply Expansion in the 2 Vital Human Needs categories we see our Cost of Living inflation in . This is Pure 100 % Bolshevism .
Now George Soros is taking over our food industry!;read=201463
He who controls the food – controls the world. Read this Kissinger statement , , Who controls the food supply controls the people; who controls the energy can control whole continents; who controls money can control the world. “Wherever a lessening of population pressures through reduced birth rates can increase the prospects for such stability, population policy becomes relevant to resource supplies and to the economic interests of the United States.”

This is the face of International Bolshevism

20 Signs That A Horrific Global Food Crisis Is Coming
Courtesy of Michael Snyder, Economic Collapse
The only way to control inflation is by EXPANDING the supply of that which is Inflating in price …… what we are doing is not expanding supply , only expanding the money supply that is chasing a shrinking supply .

the difference between 1980s and the 21 st century is that the FREE markets in the 1980s was able to divert the Inflation from its domestic only markets fundamental into expanding and developing the 3rd world which was a lower cost producer of the same goods and this allowed for a temporary time of price stability across the broad on the supply of human needs . Now that this development phase has reached capacity it is reviling that raw material supply will be the next challenge as Population growth is predicted to be Unsustainable in the next 20 years due to water shortages and food shortages , and I think this is feeding the Uncertainty in the durable goods markets and created the fear which is driving the investors to the commodities as the security they seek . The future is Uncertain on how the Population of the world is both sustained and allowed to continue to grow and if it is zeroed out in terms of growth what does this mean for the Supply-side fundamental of the current economic structure the world in using ????? And you Cannot Deny this debate because the policy makers that advise the G-7 and the US President are very astute in this area of societal thinking with over 30 years in the analogical fundamental of the kind of future the world faces , and I believe this too is changing the way Investors are looking at their investments and this uncertainty is also driving the safe heaven investments into the Hard asset classes because fiat currencies are used for supply-side expansion of vital human needs and if the technocratic society is telling the Policy makers there is No Use in trying to continue to expand the supply that Earth cannot continue to provide the needs of a unsustainable human population then this is having an effect on the investors thinking .

Too consider a thought outside the norm of Everyday thinking in terms of supply-side economic expansion and the resistance that we see coming from Government Policies that seem to be anti growth in the industrialized sense , What if a 98 years ago when the first World War was fought that it stemmed from a Population growth in the Eurasia region that was out pacing supply capability and that led to struggles strife and WAR and Genocide ?? Are we seeing a Repeat again only worldwide now ? Was this the reason why the elite back almost 100 years ago new that this was the only way to continue to create supply but at the same time if and when the ability to sustain world population was met with Peak abilities because earth is a Finite element the need to central banking method like the Federal Reserve a designed means to an ends , to reel in the Money if at some point in time the elites figure Earth reaches it human carrying capacity ??

Heres a List of Quotes by the Population control expert thats still actively advising Governments and our current President ; , , Who controls the food supply controls the people; who controls the energy can control whole continents; who controls money can control the world. “Wherever a lessening of population pressures through reduced birth rates can increase the prospects for such stability, population policy becomes relevant to resource supplies and to the economic interests of the United States.” heres more on the con job ; , , this talks about the Trilateral Commission effect of the Plan for Population Control

The Ideology that makes up the advisory list in the Whitehouse is clear with an Agenda , Obama Returns to End-of-Life Plan That Caused Stir
Everything they are doing is to bring control over the worlds Population growth , they been planning this time for 40 years read the quotes . I say we the people need to consider Our right to be Separate from the rest of the world in terms of Pulling our troops out of the world theater and coming home securing our Boarders and tell the rest of the world do whatever with your World market , we the people of the USA only consume 1/3rd of our food we produce and so we will maintain our right to LIBERTY and if you try and take us out we will end it all for all .

Austin Chief Sustainability Officer Lucia Athens Affirms Global Population Reduction Agenda

I have understood the population explosion intellectually for a long time. I came to understand it emotionally one stinking hot night in Delhi a couple of years ago… The temperature was well over 100, and the air was a haze of dust and smoke. The streets seemed alive with people. People eating, people washing, people sleeping. People visiting, arguing, and screaming. People thrusting their hands through the taxi window, begging. People defecating and urinating. People clinging to buses. People herding animals. People, people, people, people. —Paul Ehrlich , this is the Home Page to the Technocrats scientific explanations on PEAK EARTH

WOW! Thank you Tony. a wealth of information here and much that I agree with. BB

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