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BREAKING NEWS: Pensions Targeted

Posted on: May 17, 2011

I warned you soon after Obama took office that he had designs on your pension plans and 401k’s.  Our tax evading Treasury Secretary told us how he plans to continue the government’s profligate spending rather than cutting back yesterday:  Geithner is going after government employees pensions funds which will leave future tax payers on the hook for an even greater debt.  But more important: this is a warning that yours is next!  BB

To: Brenda Bowers
Fr: Lee Bellinger
Re: Broke U.S. Treasury Raids Federal Pensions; Precious Metals Update
The federal government is getting increasingly grabby with Americans’ pensions, just as we have been warning for over two years.
Yesterday, the media widely reported that the U.S. Treasury has begun “extraordinary measures” to fund the government behemoth in the absence of spending cuts by Congress – or an increase of the federal government’s borrowing limit above $14.3 trillion. As of yesterday, federal employee pension funds are being raided to fund government operating deficits.
Independent Living has been warning of a larger scheme afoot to steer 401(k) and IRA monies into risky U.S. bonds. This week’s development shows just how realistic this threat is, as the government funding crisis unfolds. I’m making available a free report on this growing threat to all of my valued readers. Please download and read it at once!
You really MUST go to the above  site and read the report carefully.  BB

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