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I Stand with Israel. BB

Posted on: May 19, 2011

I have been in a state of depression since hearing the conclusions  our Creature in the White House made during  his comments on  the State of Israel today.  He said that “America believes….” as if he was speaking for me.  I wish to state here and now that Barack Obama was most certainly NOT speaking for me, Brenda Fay Bowers.

As anyone who has read the Bible (both Old Testament and New Testament) can verify for you God claimed the Israelis, or Jews, as His Chosen People.  The Jews have existed as a people  longer than any other people and they did this thru greater adversity than any other known group of people.  There must be a reason for this!  So even if you don’t believe the words of the Bible you must see this group of people as unique among the peoples of this Earth.   With this evidence it is apparent that the Lord loves and is standing with the Jews.  Our President is standing firmly with those who want only to annihilate the Jews.  I stand with Israel.  BB


8 Responses to "I Stand with Israel. BB"

“Creature in the White House”
I love it. You are spot on, we need and must stand with Israel. Thank you for this post.

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He was not speaking for me, either. The man is a fool! I stand with Israel.

i pray for the death of obama from cancer. can u think of anyone who deserves a horrible death more than this piece of shiiit. i hope he dies soon.

This administration will not be happy until the entire middle east in in flames.

Oh, and for the Jews who voted for Obama, how you liking that change now?

Hey nymom, way to share some authentic christian sentiments, there. Not. You know who prays for people to die? hatemongers, like taliban sitting in their caves praying to allah that america dies. and, apparently, people like you, too. i hope you live long and prosper, and i hope you find some more sense than to wish death upon the President of the United States. you probably didn’t like it when you heard liberals wishing death upon G.W., either, did you? if you believe in jesus, you better believe he’s pretty disappointed in you right now.

Mac I try to catch myself every time I wish ill for Barack Obama, and I must confess in my moments of greatest outrage and hurt for my country that sometimes it is for his death because this is the only way my country will survive the next two years without further harm at his hand. So i understand Mymom and her burst of pain. Yes! It is pain that causes her to shut out like that and not the concentrated generational and irrational hate spewed by the Muslims or the deliberate calculated hate for America that Barack Obama shows in his every action. And yes again: EVERY action! Can you name one thing he has done with the exception of ordering the death of bin Laden that has benefited the United States and not damaged us?

So I am letting both of your comments stand because you too are sincere in your reprimand. BB

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