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Allergies are killing me!

Posted on: May 24, 2011

My allergies are killing me! That coupled with the barometric headaches caused by the storms.  The only bright side is the medications I take for them put me to sleep so I simply go to bed and snooze it all away.  When I am awake it is necessary that I take care of the “kids”.  Dinah, my Jack Russell and best bed buddy, needs fed and taken out for her walks.  The two rabbits, Felix and Gaylord need fed and their cages cleaned.  Felix always runs loose in the apartment so he is well exercised. ( As well as a rabbit does exercise that is.  Rabbits spend 99.9% of their day sleeping  I have observed.)   Gaylord however is always in his cage because when out he attacks Felix.  Two male rabbits in the same house don’t do well, but that is what we ended up with by default not by choice.  Gaylord was an orphan rabbit let out when neighbors moved.  Domestic rabbits CAN NOT contrary to what absent owners would like to believe, survive by themselves out in the world! So when Dinah and I discovered this little orphan rabbit roaming around after watching his owners drive away following the moving van we adopted him.   Felix being the first to come therefore has the run of the house.  Gaylord gets his daily run by being locked in Lew’s bedroom for several hours.

So taking care of the kids needs between my bouts of  snoozing is about all I have been able to do for the past week.  Do hope things improve soon.

Oh yes, one more thing: Yesterday  I made an offer on a home selling on what they call a “short sale”.  If the bank accepts my offer they won’t have to go thru the foreclosure cost and time with the owner and I will get a nice home for considerably below tax value.  Much needs done in the house but most is cosmetic as I have had the systems checked out.    These things usually take time I am told so you have plenty of time to add me to your prays for success. 🙂  BB

PS:  Also started the pre-op Lapp Band surgery diet.  Surgery is June 7th.
The pre-op diet is mostly protein drinks and other liquids.  It is designed to shrink the liver to make the surgeons job easier.

I am happy to be getting this next part of my dietary life on the road at last.  Started this in February of 2010.  Losing weight will boost my physical and emotional health, and this will be the last of a lifetime of dieting and gaining and dieting again.  With a “stomach” only able to hold two ounces of food it will be difficult not to lose and difficult to gain.  At least that is my hope!  BB


2 Responses to "Allergies are killing me!"

Brenda, we will be thinking about you with the impending surgery and the home purchase…

Thank you Joe. the surgery is to take place at Wesley Long Hospital and the surgeons will be keeping me at least overnight due to my age. So i will have good care and am not worried, but prayers and good thoughts always help! BB

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