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Republicans in the House.

Posted on: May 24, 2011

Republicans in the House are trying their best to reign in spendi9ng and get a handle on fraud.  Of course most if not all of the bills they pass will be voted down in the Democratically held Senate.   Of course the dame can be said for any Senate bills that get sent to the House.  so this two years will just be a stand off.  I am however impressed that the Republicans are working overtime to being out a lot of Washington filth!

Wednesday the house will be looking into 7 bills that are aimed at getting the tax payers out from under Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.  The government had no business getting into the mortgage business and now carries 90% of the mortgages in the United States with a good 20% of these either in foreclosure or under water.  (underwater:  the mortgage is more than the home is worth.)

Some recent stories you might fine of interest:

GAO finds tax delinquents get billions in stimulus funds; senators call it a broader problem.  (So what is the big deal here?  one-forth of Obama’s cabinet and czars are tax cheats!  BB)

— A busy day of appropriating: Full House committee slices $30 billion for 2012 spending levels.

— House subcommittee approves cuts to food safety, nutrition programs.

— And Democratic appropriators try, fail to save funds for firefighters, disaster relief.

— House subcommittee to take on government real estate on Wednesday. (The government owns billions of acres of property all over the United States and especially out West.   The buildings owned by Uncle numbers in the tens of thousands.  It wouldn’t be so bad if a profit was made on the property but the land is lying empty except for the leases offered  for pennies to mining companies (NOT oil or coal, but all others).  Then when gold or any other minerals are mined on the property there is no charge made again except for oil and coal leases.  These minerals belong to the people!    As for the buildings they are rented for a pittance to large companies while the tax payer picks up as the maintenance costs. BB)

— House Democrats try to carve out $6.6 million for USTR oversight of China.( The offices they have currently just aren’t “fancy” enough to suit some people.  BB)

— Banks have their most profitable quarter since before the financial crisis…

— …But new home sales, while up, are still far from healthy.

8 Responses to "Republicans in the House."

Have you seen these links yet ? This needs to be ALL OVER THE NEWS but the NEWS Medias are who benefits from the OBAMA BAILOUTS too those Companies that Buy the Biggest ADs on the NETWORKS so they Cover the OBAMA Just Like How The Obama Administration is NOW giving WAVERS for the Mandate on Health Care so the Buying of the VOTE continues and the MEDIA is silent !!!!! If the NEWS Media won’t DEMAND Justice UP HOLD OUR LIBERTY then we are In a state of Anarchy and soon too collapse Civilly and Socially as Independent Citizens because our Supply of Vital Needs will run short from the lack of Enterprising policies that can allow FREE People to Prosper by supply expansion to keep down the costs of Living so we can see more saving build up !!!!! Its this kind of economic Philosophy that will only be the salvation for Restoring solvency in our medicare and social security and State and Federal Governments Budgets . You have to grow the Supply in order to generate a taxable income profit thats economics 101 and this President and his Socialist Ilk are standing on the Throat of Democracy in this regard and enough is enough !!!!!

Parts 1-3:

I have seen some of them Tony. And yes they do need to be all over the media but you can bet they will not be. this coming election will be the dirtiest most hateful and corrupt in history and Obama will win again unless decent people stand together and get the truth out. Decent Americans will be so turned off that they won;’t even bother to vote and the evil will win by default. American will give up and die with their country.. UNLESS those of us who care really get out there and organize and get people to see and hear the truth and then throw the bastards out! BB

The Condensed Obama Timeline 1959–1995 , the most Informative research on Obama ever !!!!!

The Push for Shariah in America and the NEW LOOK for the WHITEHOUSE
have you seen this ???? are we going to let this happen ???

This is why they will not release Obamas records ….. theres an alliance that strictly goes against all US constitutional authority regarding Foreign Alliances and Natural Born being the eligibility factor in forged allainces with an enemy of the state being able to install a Government Body of their own . We are Under such attack Today in all aspects of our society , , who is this guy really ???
The Muslim Brotherhood – Globalists’ Secret Weapon & Obama’s Treason

This link explains a lot .

Heres how they have taken over our Financial system and with our trade Policy that extracts dollars from the USA with Imports and Shariah cutting off all credit origination in the USA to the private sector because of a Policy of Zero Interest banking Compliance at the Loan origination center of the federal reserve window , we are watching the USA be Bleed dry of its Primary capital reserves .

This Link shows you how the Zero Interest 33 % guaranteed investment portfolio of Shariah Financial Compliance works and is what Is controlling the Interest rate policy at the federal Reserve to in turn be the reason why OPEC has continued to agree to price OIL in Petro Dollars , bribery at its best , while we watch the Dollar self destruct by the lack of capital credit insurances and Lack of capital formation around those Primary credit origination’s Reserves all designed to be the foundation of wealth creation from a investment in the production and expansion of durable goods and vital human needs resources , and the inflation we see evolving today in our cost of Living is directly related to this siege on USA Capitalism and its ability to be a Independent source of Revenue Origination’s for the FREE markets . Couple this with OVER REACH at the Regulatory level of Government , like the EPA , and we see a total Collapse coming in the FREE markets .

Shariah Law Financing (Wall Street) Selling Our Souls

I wanted to show you the Connection to this Cleric in this Video here too .

Thank you tony. It sickens me and i wonder how decent Americans will defeat this evil when it is so difficult for decent people to even conceive of anything or anyone this evil. But we must. Glenn Beck is trying to lead the way and I hope many are following him. BB

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