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“The Hill” Newsletter. Some things you might have missed this week

Posted on: June 9, 2011

Dear Readers, I just got out of the hospital from having Lapp Band surgery and just don’t feel up to a whole lot.  Am passing on some things I think you should check out but not giving any of my comments.  Old Broads do tire more easily than  those young chicks.  My mind may very well be 30 something but my body just ain’t on the same page.  🙂 BB


— Cantor: We’re talking healthcare entitlements in Biden meetings.

— Jon Tester unveils even shorter interchange delay.

— Americans for Tax Reform says it’s scoring Tester’s amendment.

— CBO says the deficit’s a little better.

— Liberals, conservatives have different takes on Pawlenty tax plan.

— Senate Republicans are also not too fond of new the Commerce choice.

— The “Five Guys” meet again.

— Risk-retention rules get pushed back.

— House Dems to GOP: We want revenue on the table.

— Lamar Smith’s not backing down: Still wants self-sufficient Patent and Trademark Office.

— China ends some wind power-related subsidies.

— Evan Bayh, Andy Card join U.S. Chamber campaign against intrusive regulations.

— And Gallup: Employers are hanging on to workers.


2 Responses to "“The Hill” Newsletter. Some things you might have missed this week"

Brenda, best wishes with your recovery. Please let me know if I can be of any help.

Thank you Joe. BB

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