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They are coming after our guns.

Posted on: June 9, 2011

The proposed ‘Small Arms Reduction’ treaty from the U.N. claims to have a global focus that targets terrorists, but University of Houston professor Larry Bell sees a different purpose: increasing domestic gun control in America. Read the details HERE.


4 Responses to "They are coming after our guns."

Hi Brenda,

This is very scary, but should have been expected. This administration has targeted each and every sector of our economy, including our Constitutional rights. While Americans hide their heads in the sand this Congress and the last one too, along with this President have put their agenda to level the playing field on fast-forward. This has been the plan all along. Once Americans can not defend themselves will be when the next shoe falls.

Glenn Beck who I really have to give credit to, because he’s the only talk show host and basically the only American who has continuously on a daily basis, tried to educate the American people on what is going on in our government and he’s done it for the last two years. Now they are taking him off the air.. Once he’s gone, that’s it America. You will have to start paying attention because no one will be there to keep you abreast of what’s going on.

Yet, so many people still don’t get it or they just don’t believe it. But the Change they all cheered for and voted for, is coming to pass and it is not going to be a pretty site.

Governor Perry ® of Texas, is calling for a Day of Prayer, and all I can say is, “Thank God” someone remembered who he is. It’s certainly about time we did some praying, because we certainly need it all the help we can get. ss

I am so frightened because the decent people do understand what is going on but it is not their way to fight dirty. And yet the only real way to fight fire is with fire! But when the decent people get really angry they are formidable as history has proven again and again. the evil ones are cowards at heart and will always run once confronted. Will decent people stand in time? I pray so. BB

Serious stuff and most Americans sit like a frog in a warm pot.

I think a good many of the “frogs” know the pot is boiling but just don’t yet know what to do. I know I certainly don’t. We can not count on Washington because Congress is allowing Obama to run wild and roughshod over our freedoms I have no idea what will happen eventually, but i feel very sure it will be bad. BB

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