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The Project to Restore America

Posted on: June 24, 2011

Dear  Readers, Today I am passing something on you may be interested in joining.  I have because I do believe in the same values and I do believe in the same goals as the founders of this organization.  BB


June 22, 2011

Good afternoon.

Thank you for joining The Project to Restore America. Since you joined The Project, Porter has been planning, meeting, collaborating, talking with friends, and doing the required due diligence to launch this initiative.

In the weeks and months to come, we’ll have many exciting new additions to The Project as we ramp up for our Conference, tentatively scheduled for November 2011.

First, we’ll be launching a free daily e-letter, which you’ll begin receiving in your inbox each weekday morning.

Our e-letter will bring you the most valuable news, ideas, opinions, and updates on the three “pillars” of The Project: balanced budgets for every level of government, sound money backed by gold, and the right for all Americans to keep 80% of their income – in a quick, easy-to-read format.

We’ll also feature weekly guest essays from our friends and colleagues in the media, politics, economics, and finance who support our Project to Restore America initiative.

Watch your inbox for details and announcements on our free e-letter and the Conference, coming soon.

One last thing:

We encourage you to tell your friends, colleagues, and family members about The Project to Restore America.

Please forward this email and tell your friends to visit the website, read the manifesto, and sign up:

And if you want to get directly involved, please get in touch with me at my e-mail address below and ask me how you can help.

As Porter said, if we want the government to listen to us, and achieve our ultimate goal of getting these important amendments passed, we have to start talking with one, unified and loud voice. The more people we have with us, the better. And it starts with you.

Thank you again for signing up for The Project to Restore America.


Wendy Bidwell
Director, The Project to Restore America

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1 Response to "The Project to Restore America"

I’m responding to July 22nd article. If the Founding Fathers thought a balanced budget was important they would have put it in the Constitution. A balanced budget would cause higher taxes to cover spending, not lower spending. The House has control of spending. The House can and should cut off funds to TSA, Dept. of Education, Obama Care, etc. If they cut off the funds, they can’t be spent. Period.

Mary Reale

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