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“Rumors of War” Part II

Posted on: July 16, 2011

I need to share this with my readers.  It is Glenn Beck’s production  “Rumor of Wars”  Part II.  How near is the end of times and from where will it come?  Will you be among those on the side of God’s Chosen People?   You will be able to access this documentary on my Facebook wall.  Sorry I simply didn’t know how to put it on my blog.  Remember: This Old Broad is illiterate when it comes to gadgets more complicated that a 1950’s telephone! BB

As you watch this video you will see  at the end they state that the United States isn’t in the Biblical picture and offer reasons why our country is not a player considering we have historically been a firm allie of Israel until Obama and we have been the world leader during the past century.  We are in fact considered the last world leader standing.   One reason given is that we will have destroyed ourselves as a world leader by then and this dog and pony show now being played out in Washington may very well be the killing blow.    Interesting. BB

I will be bringing you more from Glenn Beck’s  programing and his GBTV (Glenn Beck Television)  as you must subscribe and pay for membership and I know not all of you care to do that.  I followed Mr. Beck on FOXNEWS and have continued to follow him into ( or onto) his own media as I sincerely  believe he is an honest man.

I want to add here however that we must all beware of following false prophets so judge all you hear and all you see according to the truth of that tiny spark of God that our Father placed within us at our creation.  It will never lead you astray, but men will.  BB


9 Responses to "“Rumors of War” Part II"

If Iran attacks Isreal all hell will break loose. Isreal will defend herself and I would support their action. Obama is not a friend of Isreal. We may never come back from all the damage the democrats and Obama have done. I think he intends to break us financially and we only have to look at what happened to the Soviet Union, they went broke and after WWII the British Empire collapsed, they went broke. Could the following be true……God is good. God is great. We’re up the creek. And it’s to late. Pray, Pray and Pray some more.


Hope that you are doing well. It’s been a while since we had your insightful comments. Please pay us a visit again. We miss your input and point of view.

Reggie, you are a darling for the lovely compliment! I am well but have really been laying back and off of blogging lately. Just kinda got burned out I think. My distrust of Obama began with his nomination, and as I think I have sufficiently proven on this blog: my instincts were correct. I believe our country is at the end of it’s journey down the path to destruction. A path I have traveled with it for my lifetime; much of which I have been crying “wolf” to no avail. Now it is the final scene and I have come to believe that We the People owe Barack Obama a huge debt because if he and his cohorts had not come in at this time and tried to rush our downfall then we as a people would have continued the selfish disinterested slide into slavery without a whimper. However by trying to rush the process Obama aroused the few of us who are still lovers of freedom–the few of us who still carry prominently the genes of our forefathers who had the courage to come to America in the search for freedom in the first place. Now we have a civil war going on between those who have awakened and are trying to remain Americans as we were meant to be and those who would see our downfall (and who are sadly being helped by good men who have played the “compromise games” too long to change now). I don’t know what the outcome will be but I feel I as an Old Opinionated Broad have done all of the miniscule part that I can to bring it about and to educate those who would listen to the few truths that I had to offer. I can only sit back now and pray for my country.

And also, I am getting tired. I want to spend some time growing my flowers and painting my pretty pictures and smiling at lovely babies (ALL babies are beautiful!). I am learning to live alone for the first time in my life. I am learning to somehow get thru the days without my Lew. I have not at all given up and am watching closely from the sidelines and adding a post now and then that I feel my readers should see. But, I am just no longer up to the task of full participation in the blogospere. BB

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