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Dan Ferris – What could really happen if Congress doesn’t raise the debt ceiling

Posted on: July 20, 2011

Dan Ferris – What could really happen if Congress doesn’t raise the debt ceiling.

Check out the two facts below and then you decide. BB

The U.S. government has about $2.88 trillion of total assets. It appears to have about $1 trillion in cash, stocks, bonds, mortgage-backed securities, and other liquid assets it could use to pay off Treasury debt. If that takes us through the end of September, we’d be able to go another few months, running the total debt back up to the debt ceiling of $14.294 trillion.

in the weeks and months that follow August 2, something unexpected would happen… something nobody in government wants you to know. You’d find out how much you don’t need the government.

For example, you’d find out that the Departments of Commerce, Energy, Interior, Agriculture, and a few others are completely unnecessary and a total waste of money. They’d spend only a couple hundred billion dollars out of a $3 trillion budget, but it would be a huge start on the way to showing you how unneccessary government is. Once that ball got rolling, it’d get harder and harder to stop.


9 Responses to "Dan Ferris – What could really happen if Congress doesn’t raise the debt ceiling"

Better hurry up and Cut them OFF because

I think all this Information looks like a Totalitarian state in the making don’t you ??
This goes with what the video says about Obamacare Not being Revoked ;

Obama’s Civilian Army is now LAW and is Funded

Are We in Danger of an Imperial Presidency?

Check this out , Its got info thats telling about the progression to the Population control goal of the world !!!
Obama: Trilateral Commission Endgame

CFR’s Trilateral Commission Connection – Reality Report’s Patrick Wood

I think this Executive Order below is the administrator of that Army blue print on US civilian prison Camps , see here , , as well as a total Nationalization of the FREE markets resource base so that will pretty much render the Free markets and capitalism useless , the Goal by the NWO .

Senator says ‘It’s all Rigged’ just before NWO Food Safety and Micro-chip Tracking Act is Passed


Stand FIRM Starve the BEAST thanks for your Patriotism !!!!!

This is the Video I forgot to add ; STARTLING PREDICTION! – Ex-CIA Contractor Says IT’S OVER! – There Will Be No 45th President!

Since the 60’s people believed the democratsa were compasssionate and caring when in fact since Woodrow Wilson it has been about power and buying votes to keep them in office. We can’t come back from the hole Obama and the democrats have dug for us. Like the British Empire and the Soviet Union we are being spent out of excisance. You can’t really tell what the hell the American people are thinking. In order to save this coountry you would have to arrest every democrat politician and start over. Obama has crippled the country and he hasn’t finished yet he still has 16 months to finish the job. The business people still love him because I believe he buys them off. We have to many people feeding off the government. Even eith the country collapsing the Blacks love him to the ttune of 95%, Hispanic’s still at around 60% for Obama, women still at over 50% for Obama and he’s only down about 6-7%. Jews love him even as he destroys Israel. Government in this country is a racket and should be investigated under the RICO law.

As I said in my previous comment, government is a racket and should be investigsated under the RICO law.

I am so very afraid that you are right Mike. Decent people are fighting back but they are frighting “clean” and within the law and that is precisely why they will lose. Fire must be fought with fire. The only thing I am not afraid of is Obama’s so-called Army as they are cowards and will not stand when he calls them. He already tried to call them and they refused to come out of their holes. Probably the only hope we have is for a military take over of our government. Our all volunteer Army is the very best and the most patriotic. BB

Thank you for the video and site urls Tony. I hope my readers educate themselves. BB

Wow!! Nice post!

Thank you for this wonderfull post!

Wow!! Nice post!

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