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The Fuzzy Math from Gang of Six | RedState

Posted on: July 20, 2011

The Fuzzy Math from Gang of Six | RedState.

I have had some problems with the Gang of Six Plan as I saw it as just more “Old Dog Washington”  BS.    This article explains it very well I think.   My thanks to Red State. BB


3 Responses to "The Fuzzy Math from Gang of Six | RedState"

Well Brenda, the problem is that first of all there are no step-by-step, written rules to follow in this bill. They have put out what I would call “Suppose” ideas. Like “suppose” we do this and “suppose” we do that, then that equals ______, I “suppose”.

These people are doing it all over again. They come up with hypotheticals, don’t spell it out word for word and deduction for deduction. They are going to put this Bill on the table for a vote, and it’s only based on “supposes”, ideas not facts, not a step-by-step plan. Not only does it not make any sense, but if there are no steps for the plan to be put into place properly then it will just create confusion not take care of the problem. To top it off, these guys won’t even read it before they vote on it, which if they did read it they should (at least some of them should) be able to see, that it’s just a bunch of words that make no sense.

Yet they will vote on it, not because they are worried about their jobs, or because they care what real Americans think and not because the President is threatening them or scaring the hell out of 50 Million Senior citizens, nope, they will vote on it so they can get the hell out of DC and take their month long vacation.

So, sad. I don’t get a vacation, can’t afford it, but my employees, the Congress gets better Health Care than me, better salaries than me, I was forced into retirement because I couldn’t find one of those 2 Million jobs Obama invented, and now they get to take a month long vacation to the best vacation sites in the world. My vacation is sitting at home, watching the news, hoping for “Change”; “Change” back to the way it use to be, while I sit in my chair, with knots in my stomach, praying for some miracle, like maybe Americans will finally wake up and do something more than talk. ss

2+2 does not equal 4 in the fuzzy world of politic’s.

Me too Sappy. 😦 BB

I have to believe there are still some decent and intelligent people in Washington but they are the new-commers. The water in Washington disolves the brain after a term or two in the Halls of Congress. BB

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