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Brenda now has a home of her own!

Posted on: August 15, 2011

Dear Readers,  For the past several months I have been looking for a town home to purchase.  Lew wanted to live in an apartment because he just didn’t feel up to yard work. And,  he vowed he wasn’t  eager to spend time looking “all over Hell’s half acre” for a house that would suit his wife.  So after Lew died I had to decide whether to stay here paying rent and at the end of 10 years I could count my rent receipts,  or to purchase a home that perhaps in 10 years would give me something of value to sell in order to pay for the next stop in this lifetime adventure.    Decided I needed a town house and since the market was going down by the minute there simply wasn’t a better time to buy.

I made a low ball offer last week on a nice two bedroom two and one-half bath two story town home in a nice area not too far from Friendly Center and Guilford College.  It was a foreclosure but the bank had gone in and  put in a new kitchen cabinets, lovely tile floors in the kitchen and dining room and wood floors in the living room.  This as well as new paint and the upstairs carpets cleaned.  I told my Realtor I simply wasn’t going to pay a price for a home that would be “underwater” as soon as I signed the papers so when the bank came back with  a high-ball response I di go up a mere $2000. to show good faith but was adamant I wouldn’t go another dollar.  Well then I worried and fretted and tried to decide just how high I would go because I am tired of living in an apartment that is crowded with packing boxes.  Then I found out from my Realtor that another buyer had made an offer higher than mine.  My only possible advantage was that mine was a cash deal whereas the other buyer would need a mortgage.   My  heart did sink.  I just knew my search was not over even tho this neighborhood was one of the first I had really liked and the town house itself is roomy and quite nice for me, Dinah and the Bunnies.

Being two story I can even let dear little Gaylord Bunny out of the cage to roam the down stairs while Felix lives upstairs.  Felix prefers my bedroom as his favorite place anyhow.  They haven’t both been allowed to roam free in the apartment because Gaylord won’t leave Felix alone  (hence his name GAY-lord).

Today my low-ball plus $2000. cash offer was accepted and I will get the  keys to my home August 26th.  I haven’t stopped smiling and giggling yet.  BB

7 Responses to "Brenda now has a home of her own!"

Congrats Brenda, glad everything worked out for you. God Bless!

Congratulations and we all wish you the best of luck.

Sounds very nice and comfortable. I hope you and your “friends” enjoy your new surroundings. I believe you have really thought this out and made a wise decision for yourself. Good luck!

Betty Almond

Congratulations, Brenda!

Thank you Dear Friends! I’m still grinning and giggling and packing boxes! BB

Congrats Brenda!

I think you made a smart move. Now, you can enjoy life a little more, with new surroundings to explore, new neighbors to meet and new friends to make. There is always something to look forward to in life, but one must make the first move, to start the ball rolling. It looks like you have taken that step. Now, you have the Holidays to look forward to in your new home. Life is what you make it. But it looks like you already know that. So Enjoy! ss

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