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Huckabee: Republicans Need to Do Something Dramatic – Fox News Video –

Posted on: August 21, 2011

Huckabee: Republicans Need to Do Something Dramatic – Fox News Video –

Some interesting videos from FOXNEWS.  Huckabee and BB see this as the beginning of the dirtiest presidential campaign ever to tqke place in
america.  These dirty campaigns are the oines that disgust decent people and have them leaving the scene and washing their hands of the whole thing so the thugs win.  That is fine in a dog fight but this time our nation and  entire way of life  is at stake so the decent people had better stay and fight!  The thugs know exactly how to turn us off  and play on decency.  BB


Paul Ryan author of the Republican’s sensible budget plan is thinking about getting into the race.  With the possible exception of Romney whom I have no use for at all, this is a very good round up of Republicans for President. Just about all of them have some great strengths that our country needs.  I haven’t yet  homed in on one.

I am about to put Perry in with Romney however because along with all those jobs he was supposed to have created he did take all the federal money Obama threw at the states in his effort to create jobs.  I have more respect for those governors who refused the feds money!

One of the first things I see a newly elected Republican President doing is calling up all of the Presidential  or Executive Orders and getting rid of them once and for all.  We have EX.O’s from Truman that are still on the books and that Obama has used extensively to pull off some of his most egregious actions.  This latest “Dream Act” Ex.O however is all his own.  He is going for the Spanish voter and will surely use it.  Of course this will give our country a huge uneducated, unskilled population to support while far more people that America needs are waiting to enter our country legally.  BB


2 Responses to "Huckabee: Republicans Need to Do Something Dramatic – Fox News Video –"

BB, Perry took NO Fed money WITH STRINGS ATTACHED. Yes he took fed money as did ALL the governors. Some made a big deal out of refusing certain funds. Those were funds with strings attached. Perry did the same thing but with no fanfare.

As far as Republicans ding something spectacular. All they need to do is sit down and shut up and do nothing when Congress reconvenes other than to tell Obama “the ball is on the tee and it’s your turn.” Put something on PAPER Mr. President and we will work from there with you.
Of course Obama will not put anything on paper that will put him in a put up or shut up position or to show the American people what he is up to. He will go absolutely ballistic , thus killing his chances for re-election.

So far the Republican have given him too many outs. The Ryan plan, regardless of how good it may have been was one of those outs. It was too soon and should have been kept as the hold card until election time. The GOP allowed Obama to get his way by putting everything off until AFTER the election. Wrong move!! So sit down GOP and shut up other than telling Obama it’s his time on the tee!.

Okay I didn’t get the whole story on Perry. thank you for correction. I did and do like him but was put off by the acceptance of fed money. Wish none of them would have taken a cent from DC!

Republicans seem always to snatch defeat from victory! Why is that? They are intelligent and for the most part serious people so why do they always give in to the ranting and raving? Why must they always play parent to the Democrats bratty actions? Is there a Republican born who can say NO! and spank asses? BB

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