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Illinois Policy Institute – Policy Chart: Illinois Loses Most Jobs in the Nation

Posted on: August 24, 2011

Illinois Policy Institute – Policy Chart: Illinois Loses Most Jobs in the Nation.

Contrast two states Illinois and Wisconsin.  One (Wisconsin) with a Republican governor and Republicans controlling the legislature fought the Democrats and the union thugs and  their economy is on the up turn with no job losses by teachers as the teachers union thugs had predicted.  Then there is Illinois where the governor and legislature gave in the the black mail and raised taxes and lost jobs!  When jobs are lost tax revenue goes DOWN people because jobs are lost and there are fewer people paying taxes.  It is a simple  formula  to understand—almost a what goes up is sure to come down type thing.  So why do those in power continue to do it over and over again?


Well usually raising taxes is a Democrat thing and the Democrats like big government and big government spending and big government controlling all of We the People who are on the government dole.   In this case the Democrats were pandering to their masters the Union Bosses who are thugs.


People I have  nothing against unions.  My family were very much union from my Grandpap who was blackjacked in the 1930’s to my father who served as President of his local for most of the 1950’s.  But the unions have gone too far and need to be trimmed back.  In 1969 right before my Daddy died one of our last conversations he told me that the unions were going too far and big trouble was coming.  The trouble is coming now from public service employees  or government employees who have been given contract after contract that are no longer sustainable.  Cities, counties and states simply don’t have the money.   The outrageous promises were made by legislators who simply didn’t care because they were going to be long gone when the bill came due.

Most union members are decent people who understand these facts.  In point of fact a good many union members would opt out of belonging to the union and giving their hard earned money to the union thug bosses but in some states one can not get a job unless you belong to a union.  The Boeing thing with the National Labor Relations Board (aka union boss thugs!)  is a prime exam,ple of how the union operates in a right to work state where people do not have to join a union in order to get a job.





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