And So I Go: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

I’m Back!

Posted on: September 22, 2011

Dear Reader,  I did not stop blogging, I moved.  Yes, I have been moving into my new home and this is the first time I have been connected to the internet in three weeks.  Did you all miss me??  I missed you when I had time to think about it.  Moving has been just what the doctor did not order for this old broad!  I am exhausted and only have one half of the down stairs in liveable shape.  That is: my living room is no longer and obstacle court and I can get to the computer cabinet in my dining room.   But it has been a long three weeks and a lot of new things happening.

I got a new stacked washer and dryer installed because the washer and dryer area is tiny and only the stacked kind fit.  Went to Loew’s and the salesman told me to come back Labor Day for the sale.  He saved me $500-!  I did ask for him when I went back because these salesmen work on commission but he wasn’t there.  That upset me  and I did ask that he be given credit for the sale but I doubt he was.  Also got a lovely carpet and ordered all the blinds for my ” odd sized” windows.


The carpet is a light beige background with leaves on it in shades of brown and blue that matches the blue sofa.   Beside being quite pretty it also acts as a camouflage for Gaylord’s round doodles.  On the leafy carpet they simply look like there D berries!  Okay, that may be a stretch but I keep telling myself it is the truth and visitors won’t notice I haven’t gotten around to running the sweeper in the last half hour.

Have met most  of my neighbors in this set of 18 townhomes already.  Lovely people!  I was right to go looking for kids, dogs and rockers on front porches when I was picking a neighborhood.

I am partially in touch with the world again.  Have the Internet and a home phone.  Well, actually I could have a phone but I need to buy a phone first..  I need to get four phones actually–a “mother phone” and three “sister phones”.  Have to go to Best Buy and purchase them but I have the flu.
Was sick as a dog yesterday but better today.  Is nice to be in touch with the world again.  The only time I was out of touch with the world was when Lew and I first went RVing.  Then we got our first cell phone in the mid 1990’s.    My old cell phone cut out on me two days ago because I had the number transferred to my new cell phone—-which I haven’t activated yet because I can’t figure out how to do it and have to take it and myself to the ATT store and have them help me—-when I am able to raise my head above chest level again!.

Glanced at my email box—what a mess!  Three weeks without internet and the mail does pile up.  Will tackle it later today after I get up a bit more energy.

You should have seen Felix the Rabbit defending his territory when the man was putting in the internet and telephone service.  The only “active” phone outlet was the one in the back bed room and that is the room Felix considers his room.  This is a two story so Felix live upstairs and Gaylord lives downstairs.  Two very happy and “free” rabbits.  Gaylord is having a ball running around all over the downstairs.

Back to Felix: He actually attacked the telephone man and wouldn’t be chased away.  Then he attacked the wire coming out of the wall.  I had to go get him and  lock him in the front bedroom.  One pissed off RABBIT!


So, you know where I have been and what I have been doing.  Nothing has changed on the national or international scene.  Our government is up for another “shut down”.  Europe is still on the brink of bankruptcy and Greece is going under for the fifth or sixth time.  The Republicans are slugging it out for who will be the presidential candidate and the Democrats are seriously ( or should be seriously) thinking of replacing Obama.  Old Foggies are up in arms over Perry actually calling the Social Security program a Ponzi Scheme, which it most certainly is.  And again and still they refuse to understand that any “fix” will not affect them—-except of course the “fix” Obama and the Democrats have already voted in with Obamacare to cut $500,000  from Medicare to pay for the added Medicaid overload when   Obamacare comes in.  Strange: Perry just calles Social Security a Ponzi Schenme and does nothing and Obama and the Dems actually cut the program and there isn’t a whisper about the one but the world is on fire with the other!

Benjamin Bernanke warned the economy is in real trouble yesterday and the Federal Reserve has shot all of the arrows in its backpack and the Dow is down 500 PLUS ponts in the last two days.  Everyone is finally willing to admit we are going into a deeper depression.  Funny that most Americans already knew this—especially the 17% who are jobless.  There are jobs out there but as Sweden has proven was long as the government continues to pay people not to work they will not work.  Obama now wants to make unemployment a three year deal ( is now only a two year entitlement!).  Tell me: would you take a job if the government were paying you to sit on your buns at home??


AND:  about the man who was fined because he was actually hiring people??!  Yep.  It is fact.  He was hiring people and the government stepped in and told him to stop or risk being fined.  He was breaking one of the tens of thousands of regulations being pumped out of Obama’s administration making it impossible to continue to be Americans.  The enemy is within People, the enemy is within!  BB





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Yes, you were missed, Brenda. Am glad the move is progressing, and that you like your new place.

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