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Michelle Bachmann’s Plan

Posted on: October 8, 2011

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Michele Bachmann’s 10-Point Economic Fix-It Plan

Falling well behind in the polls and suffering with staff woes it appears that Bachmann is no longer a serious contender. However in all fairness her Plan for America must also be presented. All views must be considered in order to be an informed voter. So far the views of Newt Gingrich,  Mitt Romney, Ron Paul and Herman Cain have presented.
Take time to read Ms. Bachmann’s plan and compare it to the others.
We can not afford to leave this coming election in the hands of uninformed and ignorant voters.

In presenting Michele Bachmann’s plan I have only been able to find her 10 Point “Fix it Plan” with no explanation or comments on how she plans to carry out these points. I was able to find her stand on Five Issues on her Presidential Website and you can read them here and again I recommend that you do in order to become an informed voter and to be able to discuss intelligently the issues and the stand that your candidate has taken verses those of the other candidates.

Her plan is a short 10 points with out commentary. One of the shortest of all the candidates. Ron Paul has 11 points and with commentary takes perhaps 3 pages. Herman Cain’s is 10 pages including commentary. Newt Gingrich’s is 24 pages, including commentary and Mitt Romney’s is 84 pages with 59 points, the longest thus far.

Michele Bachmann’s 10-Point Economic Fix-It Plan

1. Cut federal spending 25 percent, the amount she says spending has increased under President Obama.
2. Pass the “mother of all repeal bills” that will kill the Democrat’s healthcare reform and regulations.
3. Get the federal government out of the bailout business, especially when it comes to Wall Street and pension plans.
4. End involvement in semi-private businesses like Freddie Mac and Sallie Mae.
5. Make all the Bush tax cuts permanent.
6. Cut the corporate tax rate of 34 percent to “single digits” to spur growth and job creation.
7. Kill capital gains taxes.
8. Zero out the death tax.
9. Cap personal income taxes at 20 percent.
10. Propose a “flatter tax” and a tax code no longer than 50-pages “double spaced, with a font size no smaller than 9-point. My guess is that even some of my Democratic colleagues would be able to read that bill.”


2 Responses to "Michelle Bachmann’s Plan"

Rep Michele Bachmann has it right and would be a good President or Vice President.

I think so too but the blue collar segment of the population just isn’t ready for a woman President. I can not understand why the most liberal country towards women in the world is so backward. AND IT IS THE WOMEN WHO WON’T VOTE FOR HER!! I am just reporting what I am hearing from female neighbors and my “hen” groups. So damned sad. BB

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