And So I Go: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

More news from The Hill you should be aware of.

Posted on: October 21, 2011

News from “The Hill” that you might have missed and will find interesting.  Obama promises to veto any spending bills that cut into his Obamacare or his Jobs Bill.  I don’t buy this bluff and I hope that Congress won’t either.


Veni, vidi veto: The Obama administration on Thursday told House and Senate appropriators that the president will veto any 2012 spending bills that contain provisions blocking top administration priorities like healthcare and financial reforms, The Hill’s Erik Wasson reports.

Revamping its semi-dormant mantra of “winning the future,” the White House also threatened a veto if the final version of spending bills cuts funding too much or fails to fund investments in education, innovation or infrastructure.

Perhaps not surprising: Republicans have latched on to a federal audit, released Thursday, that found that more than $3 billion worth of education credits could have been wrongly handed out by the IRS, our Bernie Becker reports.

“Enough is enough — it’s time for the IRS to start taking proactive measures to stop erroneous payments on the front end,” Rep. Charles Boustany Jr. (R-La.), the chairman of the House Ways and Means Oversight subcommittee, said in a statement.

Movement on the legislation to sell off excess federal property.  I hope this includes getting out of the western states which are largely owned by the government.  There is a lot of natural resources under those federally owned hills that the feds have been giving to private mining companies for mere pennies.  If the property reverts to the states I don’t see this happening.  governments closer to the people work more in sync with the wants and needs of the people.

More moves on bringing  private companies and all their money back from overseas by giving a “holiday” on the far too excessive corporate taxes the United States charges it’s companies.  The companies take their work and money overseas to avoid what are the highest corporation taxes in the world.  The calls to tax the rich and tax the corporations so they rich and corporations do what you and I can not doe: they just leave the country!  How dumb can Americans be??!

More noise about going after the Federal Reserve and Ben Bernanke.  The Federal Reserve should never have been formed in the first place and given so much power over our money and therefore our whole economy and lives.  BB



Sen. Sanders gathers economists for his planned Fed overhaul bill

— Bernanke says no more stimulus

Senate housing bill would sell excess properties to foreign investors

— Good-government groups weigh in on repatriation

— Hensarling can see supercommittee overhauling tax code

— IRS makes 2012 inflation, cost-of-living adjustments

— Plan to shed excess federal properties marches onward

— House Dems to SEC: Make companies come clean on political spending

Higginbottom confirmed as deputy OMB head

— Chamber of Commerce spends $45.8M on lobbying

Existing home sales fell last month, still above 2010 levels

— Initial jobless claims fall slightly

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