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The UN, Palestinians and the thugs Occupying Wall Street

Posted on: October 31, 2011

The United Nations is hell bent to give the Palestinians membership status.  I have never approved of the United Nations and have been among those who feel the United States are saps for  paying far more than our fair share for this rogue organization.  Some would question my use of the term “rogue” in relationship to the UN, well perhaps I should have been more specific and called them the hornets nest of terrorists and their supporters  for who we pay not only the rent but the food and entertainment tab!

The next story that really gets me in the gut is the  Occupy Wall Street thugs, spoiled rich kids  with their fancy electronic toys and  slugs who feel the world owes them a living  have now been given Tax Exempt Status.  BB

UNESCO grants Palestinians full membership

US could withhold funding to UNESCO after Palestinian Vote

LD-18 Recall Election – Senator Pearce Recall Election – Arizona

Occupy Wall Street gets Tax Exempt Status


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