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No hope for Super Committee

Posted on: November 1, 2011

If you had some hope that the 12 member Super Committee in congress as being able to solve the fight in Congress between the Republicans in the House and the Democrats in the Senate/ and the Democratic  President then put these hopes in the trash.  At this point 6 of the 12 have broken off and are trying to come up with some kind of deal themselves.  I personally can not for the life of me understand why they don’t just submit the plan proposed by the  Deficit Committee appointed by the President and then ignored.  It is a good fair and balanced plan that was fought out over a long time, tested and evaluated by numerous groups and found to be workable.  Yes the Deficit Committee plan is hard, but People hard is what is needed!  There is no easy way out of the mess we are in in this country and Congress trying to find one is just not possible.

The Democrats simply want to raise taxes and keep on spending.  the Republicans want spending cuts and a taboo on raising taxes.
Actually both are necessary.  First and foremost we need to get the 47% of Americans who are not paying taxes at least paying something. Yes, that means me too.  Because of my income group, the deductions and other swifty tax evading but  lawful investing moves Lew and I haven’t paid taxes for years.  This is  WRONG!    If everyone but maybe the 12% of the poorest Americans had some skin in the game they would certainly be more involved  and care more how the  government spends their money.  But if they aren’t paying anything and just taking then why bite the hand that is feeding you?   This is the attitude of most people unfortunately—it isn’t a case of being right and moral; but of greed and looking out for ME FIRST.  I hate this about human beings but it goes all the way back to Cain so it isn’t likely to change any time soon.

And even these 12% of the so-called poorest are really getting on better than 100% of the rest of the world!  Free cell phones and up to 100 minutes a month!  Can you believe this nonsense?  I gave up my cell phone and am getting along just fine without it.  In fact I happened to have lived 60 years of my life without one and had a career and raised a family and thrived without one!  So the so-call “poor” could take a few hits too in my opinion.  Several years ago  I worked as a volunteer signing children up for few Christmas gifts I was appalled by the number of people who sat there talking on their cell phones.  this was before they were free and cost $50+ a month!  So these unmarried mothers could pay $600+ a year for cell phones but couldn’t provide their children with Christmas gifts.    I just grit my teeth and continued to sign them up because it was for the children but I really had a hard time with how we allow our dollars to be spent.

Now I know many of you are saying, “Yes, but this is peanuts compared with what the “fat cats” are getting”.  And it is.  This President and the four years the Democrats controlled the House and the Senate  have destroyed the country and certainly campaign contributors and friends/family.  President Bush was also a spender with nonsense like the Senior Drug Program that did not negotiate the prices drug companies could charge for the drugs.  Talk about writing a blank check.  the Democrats made a big deal when they took over the Congress of “fixing” this program but did nothing at all but make a big noise.

I could go on and on about the waste of money but you all have read most of it if you have been following this blog.  I sincerely don’t know what can be done to our Congress men and women to get them to do what is right and what needs done.  Marching on Washington certainly didn’t stop the catastrophy that Obamacare is proving to be  even tho only a small per cent of it has been put in place.

Sorry People BB has been on a rambling rant this morning.  Do check out what Heritage Action has to say about the Super Committee.  BB

Reject a Super Committee Tax Hike


The so-called “super committee” was created to solve our nation’s dire fiscal problems.  One look at Europe and the stakes are clear: massive unemployment, social unrest and waning influence throughout the world.  We cannot allow that to be America’s future, which is why conservatives should want the “super committee” to succeed in enacting real reforms.

Unfortunately, the “super committee” is veering off course and the odds are growing that massive tax hikes will be part of a final deal.  Even worse, not all Republicans are willing to take massive tax hikes off the table. According to news reports, more than 100 House members – Republicans and Democrats alike – sent a letter to the “super committee” urging a “big, grand bargain – taking nothing off the table.” In Washington, that is code for a tax increase.

>> Weigh in on our site: discuss how conservatives can reject tax hikes.

Here are the criteria conservatives should use to judge whether the “super committee” is serious:

· Real spending cuts, to both discretionary and mandatory spending

· No tax increases, period

>> Learn more: Find out what else is at stake with the Super Committee.

Together, conservatives can fight to save the American Dream from the Washington Establishment and big government special interests, which are entrenched on both sides of the partisan aisle.


Michael A. Needham
Chief Executive Officer
Heritage Action for America


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