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Rioting in Oakland planned by Communist in 1983 videos

Posted on: November 3, 2011

The unions have gotten into and are leading the Occupy Wall Street  in Oakland, California and last night the riots were indeed riots with “Burn Baby Burn” the apparent call for action.  UNION THUGS!   For those of you who have listened to   Uri Bezmenov   videos on how the United States will fall to communism will see these riots as the last planned actions before the end.  the plan is to have the entire country go up in smoke and riots and then they will be put down and order will be restored and so will the complete take over of our government by those who hate America.  If you haven’t already listened to these videos please do because they are an exactly play book of what has been and is happening.  They were made in 1983 by a former Soviet agent who defected to the United States.  You will find them on the side bar under “Subverting America”.  The unions are the agents  or “useful idiots”  Uri Bezmenov  describes.  BB


2 Responses to "Rioting in Oakland planned by Communist in 1983 videos"

Can’t find a workable link BB.

The videos are on the side bar under “Favorite people, music and sites” right under the comments. BB

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