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News from Patriots Action Network

Posted on: November 4, 2011

You may want to check out these stories from Patriots  Action Network.  BB

Check out the news across the country and world!

Window Sign from Occupy OaklandWindow Sign from Occupy Oakland

Occupy Hits Oakland Hard! Oakland is Burning!  (Union thugs take over Oakland OWS movement.  “Burn Baby Burn” the cry of the  ’60’s is with us again.  The difference this time is that now the thugs have the backing of the Democrats in congress and certainly the President and White House staff.  BB)

The Debt Clock Explodes! $203 BILLION increase in ONE Month!

Obama Could Bring DOWN Entire Democrat Ticket!  (We can only hope!  BB)

The U.S. Stands With Israel over Palestinian Statehood.  (“The U.S. pays $80 million a year to UNESCO, or 22 percent of the organization’s overall budget, and the move will scuttle an upcoming $60 million payment.
The U.S. was one of 14 countries to vote against the UNESCO measure to recognize Palestine. 107 member countries voted in favor and 52 abstained.”  Now I wonder how this somehow slipped by the Communist and America haters in the White House?   I would not be surprised if somehow they manage to get the money released to UNESCO anyhow no matter what laws are broken.  BB)

Ohio Ballot Innitiatives 2 and 3:

White House to be subpoenaed for Solyndra Records  (This is grounds for impeachment but don’t hold your breath because no one and nothing can drop or even stop the first Black President of the United States from serving out at least one term.  And of course he will also serve out a second term legally  because voter fraud is already in place and working towards an Obama win in 2012.  And then Obama will serve  as dictator as long as the powers behind him find him useful to their cause of world domination.  BB)

Senate GOP blocks $60 billion Obama-backed infrastructure bill     (Democrats voted with the Republicans to stop this second give away to Obama supporters and friends.  BB)

9 Responses to "News from Patriots Action Network"

There is one thing these OWS morons rant about that does make sense to me – they are as pissed off about crony capitalism as we are. Government favors for political donors like Solyndra is probably the thing today which pisses me off the most, and let’s admit it, it’s not just the liberals who are doing it.

What do you think about trying to get money out of politics? I’ve heard of people who are pushing for a constitutional amendment that would restrict politicians ability to take bribes (oops, I mean donations). I actually think Ron Paul (or maybe Rand) is the perfect person to lead such a movement – but how do I get them to take up the issue?

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Eileen, Getting money out of politics sounds real good and IS REAL GOOD, but darn near impossible. Running for office costs a lot of money. They tried getting donations from the public with the donations made on your income taxes. this money was then supposed to be divided between the front runners and the spending then limited to this amount. there simply were not enough Americans willing to donate a buck so the little that is donated is merely given to the top nominees to add to their war chests. The funny thing is that voters have always “bribed” politicians and this is an unfortunate fact we humans just have to live with. On the other hand in our early history politicians had to bribe voters. It was customary for people running for office to ply the voters with free food and drink—especially drink. George Washington refused to offer any such inducement the first time he ran for office and he lost. the next time he broke out a cask of beer and won handily. People will be people and not saints. 🙂 BB

I don’t know, I still think it’s possible. It may require bringing back the “equal time” rules we used to have in place – where major candidates for office were granted media access on major networks for free, for the same amount of time. I actually would quite like that, it might promote more engagement with politics. But that’s also not some crazy fantasy – it was only a few decades ago that we got rid of that policy.

At the very least, we could regulate the presence of money in politics, the way that the McCain-Feingold act used to regulate it. It would require a constitutional amendment, but I think it’s essential, and we should really be clamoring for it instead of calling it a fantasy.

What we have however are so-called “independent” groups posting advertising and to limit them would be top infringe on freedom of speech. I so wish this was possible and at 70 I certainly remember all of the programs and plans that have been tried and suggested during the past 50 years; unfortunately someone somewhere finds a way around them and that gives their candidate a huge advantage. in 2008 Obama’s team did wonders just by use of the Internet that Cain’s old timers simply didn’t have the foresight to use effectively. Obama and the Internet reminded me of Kennedy’s willingness to allow a bit of makeup before his debate with Nixon when Nixon was too uninformed about TV and too old fashioned to allow a “real man” to use make-up. those who just listened to the debate said Nixon won hands down whereas those who watched the debates where Nixon looked like a shady character claimed that Kennedy was the winner hands down. Of course we all know the out come of that.

But to get back to your point, getting money out of politics is not a fantascy but as long as men and women will do anything to win it will be hand to get an honest election.

By the way, watch 2012 because I am sure we have never in our history seen voter fraud like the Obama crowd are gearing up for ! In fact, it has already started if you have been following the few stories coming out from various states. The unions outr spend the Republicans 4 to 1 in Ohio and the unions won their right for pubic sector employees to continue to bargain for wages and benefits. States along with cities and counties are going bankrupt because of these outrageous wages and benefits they are paying their public employees and yet the voters in Ohio voted to allow this outrage to continue. Unions demand more and more from the politicians and they get them because the tax payers are the deep pockets and by the time the bill comes due the politician is long gone. Unions are an example of these “independent” parties with the right to free speech I am speaking of. BB

What do you think about circulating a pledge (kind of like the one our guys did saying they wouldn’t raise taxes) that congressmen could sign, saying they would not meet with lobbyists or unionsters or campaign contributors? Then we could really point fingers at the people who try to get around democracy…

I know we disagree with the left on so much, but they are angry about this too… it seems like something we might be able to make real change on if we insist on honest elections, and refuse to let people play political football with the issue.

Great idea. I’m not sure you would get many congressmen and women to sign any such pledge however. AND, those who did sign on I can see them sneaking around K Street in DC after midnight meeting with their favorite lobbyists! BB

Now is the time for Ameican Voters to support Romney for President including Tea Party Members like myself.The Romney Administration will take the Country back to RIGHT OF CENTER and will give CONSERVATIVES more Power in future National Elections to elect even more CONSERVATIVES to CONGRESS and the SENATE and more CONSERVATIVE President’s in the future! It takes time after 30 years of RINO Presidents and CONGRESSIONAL members who need to be Voted out of office as soon as possible. The 2012 election is only the begining and we must select only Candidates who have a proven Conservative Record and not someone who promisies to be a Conservative.Mitt Romney is a Conservative who can bring both Houses together and commence the difficult job of bringing Order to a D.C that has gone MAD with Spending,Greed and Arrogance that we STUPID VOTERS HAVE ALLOWED TO HAPPEN. LET US STOP THIS INSANITY AND TAKE BACK WHAT THE FOUNDING FATHERS PUT IN PLACE IN THE CONSTITUTION AND THE BILL OF RIGHTS. We have the power of the Ballot Box.Tell everyone you know that no Candidate is perfect .but that Romeny is the best at this point in time and can beat Obama!

Don I agree with most of what you say but I see Romney as the RINO of all Rinos. At the same time I have a big problem with Newt. Newt has the ideas and is willing to stick with the problem until it is solved but he also has these off the wall ideas that we just don’t have time, money or stomach for right now. Santorum and Bachmann are my picks. The country however is no ready for a woman president. Santorum tho is a conservative that has no RINO or any other less savory baggage. He is electable and the planned dirty campaign that Obamanation plans to run just wouldn’t have that much ammo to use against him. Romney has Romneycare remember. BB

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