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Obama about to take over the Internet with vote scheduled for Thursday

Posted on: November 10, 2011

The Patriot Action Network has sent out an alert for a storming of Congress about the Net Neutrality Bill allowing the FCC (Obama) to take over the People’s Highway.  The Internet is what has allowed the Tea Party Movement and all other actions that may save America from being taken over by the Communist/Socialist monsters of the world.   Read the message and act if you see the need as I do.  BB

November 10th, 2011


Grassfire Update

Net Neutrality Vote Thursday, Grassroots Call to Action!

Government vs. The Net


Dear Patriot,


While debate continues to rage between Republicans and Democrats over the Congressional Review Act Resolution of Disapproval (S.J. Res. 6), to stop the Obama administration’s illegal takeover of the Internet through Net Neutrality regulations, a vote is scheduled for sometime Thursday, Nov. 10.


Patriot, that means grassroots Americans literally have less than 24 hours to drive home their point to Senate lawmakers on both sides of the political aisle.


If you haven’t yet responded to our repeated calls to action over the federal government’s illegal power grab of the Internet, the time to act is now!


+ + Schedule your Faxes for Immediate Delivery!


With so little time remaining, Grassfire Nation is urging all members of our team to schedule personalized faxes for immediate delivery to key Senate targets — including your two State lawmakers and Representative.


Click here now to ensure your faxes are delivered prior to this vote:


To hold the Obama administration at bay, fifty-one votes are needed — including four Democrat votes. We’ve identified the most vulnerable Democrats in this vote, and are asking our team to blitz them with personalized faxes in the hours leading to this critical vote.


Click here to schedule your faxes for delivery:


For those preferring to send faxes on your own, simply download the fax numbers, and the letters if you prefer to send them on your own. Regardless of the methods you choose, it is important for citizens to act.


Thank you for your outstanding efforts.

Grassfire Nation and Patriot Action Network


P.S: A recent NYU study found that Net Neutrality’s crushing federal regulations will likely cost the economy upwards of 100,000-200,000 jobs, and bring the tech sector to a screeching halt if they are put into effect beginning November 20.


Furthermore, private sector seed money and investments would all but disappear due to the fed’s micro-managing of the Internet.


Don’t delay. Schedule your faxes for immediate delivery by clicking here:


For more Information on the Internet Takeover:

Crunch Time to Stop the FCC’s Internet Takeover


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