And So I Go: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Supreme Court takes up Obamacare—sort of.

Posted on: November 14, 2011

The supreme Court announced at about 10 am this morning that they were taking up the question of whether or not those who brought suit against Obamacare had the right to do so.  Yes, you read correctly!  They have not agreed to consider whether or not Obamacare is constitutionally lawful but only if the people who dared to say it wasn’t and take the federal government to court over what they considered an illegality had the right to do so.

This seems to mean that if they rule that the people who sued had a right to sue then they would go on and rule on the legality of the personal mandate (forcing Americans to buy health insurance or any other product)  in Obamacare.   If the judges rule that these people had the right to sue then they may choose to go on and rule on the suits and the constitutionality of Obamacare.  And because of the Democrats in Congress failed to take  time to state that one portion of the bill can be ruled unconstitutional but the rest of the bill would stand then the entire bill and all of its monsterous and hateful and nation destroying mandates will fall.

If the Justices rule that the people who sued had no right to sue then the whole thing has to start over again with the “proper” people doing the suing.    This means Obamacare and its cancerous  growth throughout our government has that many more years to overtake and overwhelm.

Bottom line: it is time to pray people that the 4 sane Justices plus Justice Kennedy (we hope)  prevail against the Obama appointees on the court.  BB


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