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Dick Morris videos

Posted on: March 11, 2012

This is for those of you who might not yet be following Dick Morris and would like a sample of what he has to say.  I personally find him interesting and usually right on the  issue.  BB

Published on on March 10, 2012

Dear Friend,

In this video commentary, I discuss how every candidate that survived the nomination fight in the four deadlocked conventions since 1960 ultimately lost the presidential election.  Tune in!

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Deadlocked Conventions Always Nominate Losers - Dick Morris TV: History Video!

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Thanks for watching,


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2 Responses to "Dick Morris videos"

Yes Dave I do find that Dick Morris has a very good record for accuracy and accurate prediction of future happenings. Of course I have been following him for some time now and have a file on what he has said.
Haven’t heard from you for a time, but then I have been rather out of it until lately. Nice hearing from you! BB

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