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Prayer Request

Posted on: March 21, 2012

I received this from a friend via email.   All we are hearing is about an American soldier who suffered brain damaged in combat in Iraq but was sent back for a fourth time into war in Afghanistan finally going “off”  in that snake pit where every Muslim was a potential killer and killing 16 Afghanis.    All this because a couple Korans were PROPERLY DISPOSED OF when they were used against their religion by prisoners to send messages. But we hear very little, if anything, about American soldiers who are killed by these   stone age people.  Well, here are 12 we haven’t been told of.  BB

 Prayer Request We are asking everyone to say a prayer for 
"Darkhorse" 3rd Battalion 5th Marines and their families. 
They are fighting it out in Afghanistan & they have lost 12
 marines in 4 days. IT WOULD BE NICE TO SEE the message 
spread if more could pass it on. Nothing in the media 
about these guys because no one seems to care:
Justin Allen, 23; 
 Brett Linley, 29; 
 Matthew Weikert, 29; 
 Justus Bartett, 27; 
 Dave Santos, 21; 
 Chase Stanley, 21;
 Jesse Reed, 26; 
 Matthew Johnson, 21; 
 Zachary Fisher, 24; 
 Brandon King, 23;
 Christopher Goeke, 23; 
 Sheldon Tate, 27.
Denise 54  
All are Marines who gave their lives for US this week. Please Honor  THEM by 
forwarding this.

2 Responses to "Prayer Request"

Wait, what? The soldier killed those civilians all because “a couple Korans were PROPERLY DISPOSED OF when they were used against their religion by prisoners to send messages.”

Are you sure that was his motive, because that would certainly put a whole new spin on things. Or maybe, you just aren’t a very careful thinker.

Or researcher. The email you quote that says those deceased marines were from Darkhorse battalion and died “this week.” The Darkhorse Battalion has been stateside since last summer and will not return to Afghanistan until August of this year.a The soldiers who you name died in 2010 while assigned to other units. Shame on you for misrepresenting these people’s deaths to make a political point.

I got this email from a friend who is usually right on so I didn’t research. However a prayer request is still valid because we hear too little about our soldiers killed by these stone age humanoids. And no date was mentioned in the email so again a prayer for these soldiers now is valid since no such request or treatment of their deaths was made at the time of their deaths. We should not be there. We are there only because Obama was making it an issue during the election. Bush was drawing down and easing out of that part of the world even without finally getting bin Laden. Now that the monster is dead what are we doing there? Why have our soldiers now been asked to be good will ambassadors and nation builders to a people who are eons away from any understanding of nationhood? Only 2% of the population is literate and the other 98% don’t intend to be as they prefer their tribal animosities and “manly” tribal in fighting.

And yes, the riots over this latest Koran incident where Muslims who were trusted and working for Americans were assassinating our soldiers right in their so-called “safe zone” and offices was in my opinion what led to this man’s breakdown finally.
Now go away Roch and please don’t come back! BB

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