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Obama going for Hispanic vote again by giving amnesty.

Posted on: April 5, 2012

The Patriot Post newsletter  alerts us again to another underhanded Obama move to give amnesty to illegal aliens without the consent of Congress and certainly without the consent of  We the PEOPLE.  This thug in the White House has lied and lied and lied to us again and again and now along with threatening the Supreme Court Judges to pass his Obamacare bill or else this week he is using his minions in the  Department of Homeland Security  to give  thousands of illegal aliens a free pass.  This thug MUST be stopped!  BB

From the Desk of:
Steve Elliott, Grassfire Nation

AMNESTY ALERT: New Obama Amnesty rule gives 1 million illegals fast-track to legal status. See below.



The Obama Administration has once again created a “backdoor” amnesty that will give illegal immigrants access to Fast-Track legal status while they stay inside our borders.

Under a new Department of Homeland Security rule, illegals will be able to obtain a “Provisional Unlawful Presence Waiver” that would allow illegal aliens with legal relatives (spouse, child, parent) in the U.S. to claim “extreme hardship” and thus file for the Amnesty Waiver without having to leave the country.

The end result is that under the rule illegal aliens who could otherwise be subject to a 3- or 10-year ban on re-entry into the U.S. can apply for their waiver while remaining in the United States and only have to leave the U.S. for as little as one week instead of months or years!

+ + 1 MILLION Illegals Expected To Gain Fast-Track Legal Status

The Los Angeles Times is reporting that an estimated 1 million illegals currently within our borders will be eligible to apply for a “Provisional” Amnesty Waiver, remain in our country pending review, and then gain permanent legal status after just a few days out of the country.

This is the latest example of our Liar-In-Chief talking a big game of border security and then implementing his radical, open borders, pro-illegal alien agenda through Executive Orders and administrative “Rule” changes.

+ + Help Stop Obama’s Fast-Track Amnesty

This one rule change will put at least 1 million illegal aliens on the Fast-Track to legal status — with virtually no “out of the country” requirement or penalties for the fact that they broke our laws and have been living in our country as fugitives.

Department of Homeland Security has opened up a formal comment period on this new rule change through June 1, 2012. Grassfire Nation is collecting petitions from citizens who oppose this new Amnesty Waiver and will deliver petitions to DHS prior to the comments deadline.

If you are outraged by Obama’s latest Fast-Track Amnesty rule, go here to sign and have your petition included in the formal response that will be submitted to DHS:

Below I’ve included links to the actual DHS “rule” and the Los Angeles Times article that explains how this will fast-track illegals.

Again… our Liar-In-Chief is implementing his amnesty agenda without any votes from Congress — by a “rule” published quietly in the Federal Register (beginning on page 19902 to be precise!).

If you oppose Obama’s Fast-Track Legal Status for 1 million illegal aliens, please sign the petition and then alert your friends.

Steve Elliott, Grassfire Nation



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