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“The Hill” articles you might have missed.

Posted on: April 5, 2012

Here is a list of articles that appeared in The Hill that you may have missed on the news.  I get The hill emailed to me because it is a great source of accurate news, but for those of you who do not I will continue to put the weekly summary of the biggest news  reports on my blog.  BB

I am not in the mood to comment this week because the Liar in Chief has so incensed me this week and I am afraid I can not remain civil if I begin to comment.  So Dear Readers you are on your own without my two cents worth ( yeh, I know it’s only worth 1/2 of one cent but give an old girl some slack okay!??) BB

The Hill's E-news
The Hill: Despite edge in delegates, Romney struggles to put Santorum away
By Cameron Joseph
Rick Santorum is likely to keep giving Mitt Romney fits even if Romney wins Tuesday primaries in Wisconsin and Maryland and more Republican leaders rally to the front-runner, according to top Republicans.
The Hill: Dems wage pressure campaign on Supreme Court over health ruling
By Alexander Bolton
Democrats have waged a not-so-subtle pressure campaign on the Supreme Court in recent days by warning a ruling against the healthcare reform law would smash precedent and threaten popular social programs.
The Hill: GSA chief resigns, employees fired for costly conference
By Vicki Needham
The head of the General Services Administration (GSA) resigned Monday and two deputies were fired after an internal report revealed excessive spending at a conference.
The Hill: Obama: My career is ‘testimony to American exceptionalism’
By Amie Parnes
President Obama defended his record on “American exceptionalism” on Monday, saying that his entire career has been a testimony to that core belief.
The Hill: Obama ‘confident’ Supreme Court will uphold his healthcare reform law
By Jonathan Easley and Amie Parnes
President Obama on Monday said he is confident the Supreme Court will uphold his healthcare reform law and warned a ruling against it would be an “unprecedented” act of judicial activism.
The Hill: Santorum: Convention floor fight would be ‘energizing’ for GOP
By Daniel Strauss
Rick Santorum on Monday argued that a fight on the Republican National Convention (RNC) floor would be “energizing” for the party.
The Hill: Obama, Ryan to go another round in battle over federal budget
By Jonathan Easley and Amie Parnes
President Obama and Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) are poised to go another round in the battle of the budget.
The Wall Street Journal: GOP, Romney to raise funds jointly
By Neil King, Jr. and Brody Mullins
In a move that shows Republicans are coalescing around the party’s front-runner, Mitt Romney plans to begin raising money jointly with the Republican National Committee this week as both the candidate and the GOP brace for an expensive general-election fight against President Barack Obama.
The New York Times: A favored son returns to uphill battle in Nebraska
By Jennifer Steinhauer
After 12 years away, Bob Kerrey has found himself recast as a carpetbagger in his native state.
The Washington Post: Romney’s subtle shift to general election mode
By Philip Rucker
Mitt Romney’s rhetoric on a swing through Wisconsin focuses more on a matchup with President Obama than his Republican opponents in Tuesday’s primary.
The Hill's E-news
The Hill's Blog Roundup
Sen. Harkin launches probe of NLRB ethics accusations
By Kevin Bogardus
Sen. Tom Harkin (D-Iowa) has launched an investigation into alleged ethical violations by a Republican member of the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB).
The Hill's E-news
The Hill's Blog Roundup
Sen. Paul looks to limit FTC’s authority to enforce antitrust laws
By Pete Kasperowicz
Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) has introduced legislation that would limit the authority of the federal government to identify and block business activity it deems to be anti-competitive.
The Hill's E-news
The Hill's Blog Roundup
Schumer calls for ban on ‘cramming’ cellphone charges
By Brendan Sasso
Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) urged the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) on Monday to adopt new regulations to ban unwanted third-party charges on consumers’ cellphone bills, a practice known as “cramming.”
The Hill's E-news
The Hill's Blog Roundup
 Opinion: Pathway to prosperity: Prosperity for whom?
By Donna Butts, executive director, Generations United
Congressman Paul Ryan recently released his latest budget proposal, which he called the “Pathway to Prosperity.” But if you look at the budget—even though it lacks specifics—you have to wonder, whose pathway to prosperity?
The Hill's E-news
The Hill's Blog Roundup
Romney pressed on Mormonism, race at Wisconsin campaign event
By Justin Sink
Republican presidential front-runner Mitt Romney was asked Monday on the campaign trail whether he agreed with a former teaching of the Mormon Church that said interracial marriage was a sin. 
The Hill's E-news
The Hill's Blog Roundup
Obama campaign ad: Mitt Romney stands with ‘Big Oil’
By Andrew Restuccia
The Obama campaign is running a new television advertisement in key swing states that paints Mitt Romney as a shill for “Big Oil.”
The Hill's E-news
The Hill's Blog Roundup
Rep. Rangel to face primary challenge in NYC district now with Hispanic majority
By Josh Lederman
Rep. Charles Rangel (D-N.Y.) picked up a primary challenge Monday from New York state Sen. Adriano Espaillat (D), frustrating Rangel’s reelection prospects in a district that has become overwhelmingly Hispanic.
The Hill's E-news
The Hill's Blog Roundup
GAO: Fiscal picture improving, but debt track still ‘unsustainable’
By Peter Schroeder
A new government report found that this summer’s debt-limit deal and the prospect of an improving economy has the fiscal picture looking better, but fundamental problems remain as the government is still on an “unsustainable” track.
The Hill's E-news
The Hill's Blog Roundup
Poll: Supreme Court arguments on health law reinforced partisan divide
By Sam Baker
Last week’s Supreme Court arguments over President Obama’s healthcare law had little effect on public opinion of the law or the court, according to a new poll.

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