And So I Go: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

2 Responses to "Newsletter from “The Hill” April 22, 2012 Some interesting stories."

I like Rubio but I think he’s Spanish first because he’s pushing the Republicans to come up with a solution to benifit the illegal’s. I see this with blacks as well as people of Spanish descent. We can’t seem to get Americans to speak for us that believe we should all obey the law. You want to come to the US, fine, get in line like the people that do it by the number’s. The Latino’s are voting democrat to get more goodies but here is something for them to think about. We’re out of money and I hope you have a ticket back to wherever you came from because Communist starve people, it’s their MO.

These are my thoughts Mike. I like Rubio but agree he is Hispanic first and American second. We would do better to keep him in the Senate. The nation is not yet ready for a Hispanic President but if he ran he would be elected just as Obama was, or really any Black man would have won. My grandparents came over from Russia in 1910 and one week off the boat my grandfather who spoke 7 languages was in school to improve his English, or “American” as he called it. 🙂 From the day they left the shores of Europe they considered themselves Americans first and last. they never forgot Mother Russia and kept many traditions at home but no one flew the flag higher than Grandpap on the 4th of
July. I learned about the United States more from my Grandpap than from school! This doesn’t seem to be the case with our newest immigrants, at least not the Hispanics. Tho all whom I know are really fine people and supper hard and honest workers whom I am proud to know and would welcome as citizens. BB

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