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GM and Biden, Thugs and other friends of Obama

Posted on: May 10, 2012

I know that vice President Biden is a dodo bird but sometimes he really says something that is so over the top and in this particular case these are not even his words but a slogan he was told to proclaim: “Bin Laden is dead and General Motors is alive,” Biden said during a speech in New York City. He added that “the reverse” might be  true had Romney been president.”

Well that may very well be true but the fact is that  General Motors now we are finding out that we didn’t keep this dog alive for Americans but for the Chinese.  Yes!  GM is building a plant in China!

But wait!  The story doesn’t stop here.  GM was kept alive for the union workers at GM.  The United Auto Workers Union  who gave billions of union dues to Obama  needed to keep their high paying jobs and very lucrative benefits  but the company (General Motors) that they worked for was going broke.  Tax payers money was used to “save” the company, build an electric car that no one will buy because it doesn’t work, pay wages of union workers,  take over and guarantee with tax payers dollars the lucrative retirement benefits of union workers,  pay for the union workers health care now and after retirement and then to exclude these same workers from having to use the Obamacare that was foisted on the rest of us.  Several months ago a  reporter followed some workers in a GM Chrysler plant in Detroit and taped them drinking and smoking pot on their lunch hour.  He showed these tapes to the company and the workers were fired.   Well according to union rules these workers are allowed to take their case to arbitration if they disagree with the company’s decision.  Today I heard on Varney and Company (FOX BUSINESS) that the arbitration board ruled that the worker must be given his job back!

It all just gets better and better for dishonest Americans and thugs and other friends of Obama.  BB


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