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Obama and the United Nation’s “Law of the Seas Treaty LOST”. A DANGEROUS agreement between thugs of the world.

Posted on: May 30, 2012

You might easily have guessed that Obama would push for the United Nations’s “Treaty of the Seas” or “LOST Law of the Seas Treaty”.  This treaty is DANGEROUS as it would give the United Nations control of not only the oceans but of all navigable waterways  (meaning even a pond on which you can fl;oat a canoe!). The United Nations under this treaty will also have the right to any products from the sea or sea bed ( fish, sea food of any kind, oil, treasure from sunken vessels, and any thing else that comes from the water ways  and remember these waterways are not just the oceans even though the treaty implies by it’s name that only the seas or oceans will be involved.) I have blogged on this before if you want to search my blog for the previous post.  And/or read this newsletter from The Heritage for Action for America  Conservative group and go to the web sites recommended.   But what ever you do please inform yourself and then contact your representatives and Senators.   Obama is afraid he may lose this election and he and those who hate America are in high gear to do as much damage as possible before he is put out of office.  Now and until Romney is sworn into office we must keep a sharp eye on this monster.  BB

Heritage Action: New Push for Dangerous Law of the Sea Treaty.  Having trouble viewing this email?
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New Push for Old, Dangerous Treaty


The Obama Administration is pushing for the ratification of another dangerous treaty. Known as the Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST), this United Nations treaty threatens American sovereignty by creating a new international organization to administer 70 percent of the earth’s surface.

We don’t need another unaccountable international agency, which is why the Senate has refused to ratify LOST for three decades. But now, led by President Obama, liberals and radical environmentalists are beginning a new push for ratification.

>> Learn just how dangerous the Law of the Sea Treaty is.

Under Article 82, the Jamaica-based International Seabed Authority will seize royalties from offshore oil drilling and distribute them to developing nations – even some that may sponsor terrorism. Beyond that, the treaty would require the U.S. to engage in mandatory dispute resolution, which could lead to a U.N.-imposed cap-and-trade style regime.

The House of Representatives has already sent a clear message: the Senate should reject LOST, and if they do not, conservatives in the House will make sure this dangerous treaty cannot be implemented. Undeterred, Senator John Kerry (D-MA) is planning to ratify this fatally flawed treaty during Lame Duck.

>>Arm yourself with the facts: see all the reasons this treaty is fatally flawed.

Get the facts now, so that you can stop the liberal push to ratify this dangerous treaty. Thanks for your support in keeping America free.



Michael A. Needham
Chief Executive Officer
Heritage Action for America


9 Responses to "Obama and the United Nation’s “Law of the Seas Treaty LOST”. A DANGEROUS agreement between thugs of the world."

Navigable waters, means waters you can navigate. A slew or pond does not come under this definition. For example, the mighty Columbia river in Washington State. Starts, in Canada. That river was navigable up to the Arrow and Kootenay lakes system. But no further. Likewise on many rivers.

As for the U.N.? It is owned by the American govt. and in turn by the Rothschilds. Only members of secret handshake club need apply! That’s why they use the five-pointy stars on their flag.

Sorry but I can not agree on your assessment of who “owns” the United Nations. The United States certainly pays for it but we hardly control it. The UN is controlled by the little rogue countries around the world, Russia and China. As for navigable water, for purposes of this treaty if you can put a row boat on it it is considered navigable. Read the treaty. BB while nothing to do with subject. I thought you may find it somewhat relevant? Cheers!

Thank you. I have been following everything I can on these “robot soldiers of the future wars” as some call them. Dangerous times we are living in as these little silent bits of code can do more to harm us than any bomb no matter the size.
You know, sometimes I’m glad I am 70 and on the down side of this lifetime because living in our future here on Earth is just not going to be a place I want to be. BB

Ah well, I might agree with you about that? My philosophy sees all life as a progression to becoming a creature, or being, of light. …. likely, most would would think I’m ga-ga? Like buddhist beliefs of how we go through our karma until we become “one”. All the distractions of life are there for the purpose of delusion and as the hindus call it maya. Here’s where I say, I believe this a demonic planet, run by creatures that care for little else, but avarice and it’s intendant vices. Somehow, the challenge is to get through life without falling into one of the traps, that dooms our karma to be tied to that wheel. … probably sounds, like gibberish? Normally I do care to let people know what I believe. …. but hey, nor is it a big secret either. …. keep rockin’ sister! Cheers, Jamie

I am a reincarnationist. In brief: I believe the soul comes back to the physical plane as many times as is necessary to cleanse itself of the contamination (Karma?) it has gathered thru its lifetimes and mistakes so that it may again join with the Creator.
Neither do I often discuss my beliefs but when I do I have found people to be more receptive than I had thought they would be. The only people who thought I was a nut job were my parents! Perhaps those of us born around the mid 1900’s and grown to adulthood with the influence of television have a more open mind and broader view of the universe, mankind and life. BB

There you go, one more adherent to that general idea of karma and how it affects us, the world. I’m not sure about the t.v. bit? Maybe it made it’s viewers more cynical? I use the t.v. yet remember a world without. As too, home refrigeration. Most mainstream media is feeding the population lies and deception. Sure there’s enough truth mixed up to make it sound plausible? Suppose? Suppose, the few families that possess the oil wells decided to pretend there was a war going on, to inflate the price of their product. Stifle all attempts at alternative energy [whatever happened to the ballard fuel cell?] and then drag out it’s development, over the last sixty years. Then you have a fine witches brew of expensive commodities. Soon, the family run farm will be a thing of the past, as big business buys up the farmers; as they go broke.

Cheers Jamie

The so-called family farm is already extinct. Today farming is big business and owned by conglomerates who hire folks to manage the farm for them. Farm subsidies are one of the biggest rip[-offs of the tax payer! My father-in-law was paid $5000 a year until his death at 87 NOT to grow tomatoes on his 160 acres. The few individually owned farms have this type of family (government) farmer running their small farms. Some of them do grow what the government tells them to grow for an additional fee. Then at the harvest the fields are simply burned off.

I have read about the people running the world from behind the scenes and the connection to the Rothchilds. May or may not be true but really doesn’t matter as long as we in the United States have the appearance of being in control of our own destinies. I don’t think Americans would conform well to being controlled outright. It is in our blood to fight tyranny and to demand independence. Only the bold left their ancestral homes and came to America yesterday as well as today. Our only problem with independent people are the dependents created by Johnson’s Great Society. Senator Patrick Moynihan wanted in 1968 book that because of the law requiring the men leave the home in order for the wife and children to receive government assistance doomed the Black lower class to a state of dependency and moral decay. 70% of Black babies, 50% of Hispanic babies and 27% of White babies are now born out of wed lock and doomed to American form of poverty. These individuals caught in this government made trap now believe it their right to be given all in this lifetime. The spirit of the original European colonist still runs in our veins and this makes Americans a difficult people to master (the Black man did not come to America of his own free will and therefore is more likely to go quietly back onto “Uncle Sam’s Plantation” (book by Star Parker). Those of us of White European blood lines make up the workers and the Tea Party mentality and we won’t easily comply to communist domination.
I am more inclined to credit Yuri Bezmenov’s tale of communist infiltration as the cause of today’s problems (see side bar for video series) BB

The America of yesterday is a thing of the past, with global immigration, etc. The idea of freedom and independence is an illusion. Created by those people for control. Better to have slaves that have to pay for housing and food, etc. Than one of yesterday, whereby the master would supply.

If one examines the two doctrines, communism and fascism. The goals are the same, collectivization. The trap is; both American political parties have their leaders, from the same schools, colleges etc. The idea of difference is almost semantics. If you look at how both Hitler and Stalin came to power? Then one can see the hidden hand of the Rothschilds behind their climb. Hitler was rumoured to be a bastard child, of a Rothschild. German destruction of the Hitler family graveyard, was the first thing on agenda, when Germany moved into Austria. Not all people of jewish belief are the same. Most european jews are Ashkenazi descent. From the Caucasian mountains, where their king had become a jew and demanded his subjects convert also. The Sephardic jews are from the original ten tribes of israel and never worshipped Baal. Unlike the tribe of Dan. Who like a viper, lie in wait to bite the horses heel, as it passes.

Suppose the same people? Are behind both communism and the so-called democracy [where the candidates are all part of the secret handshake club]. It’s likely probable, why both the U.S. and China and Russia all use the same five-pointy star?

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