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Chief Justice Roberts and the TAX

Posted on: July 1, 2012

It is my belief that Chief Justice Robert did the people of the United States  a great favor.  YES,  he did indeed rewrite the law when he named the mandate a tax and therefore constitutional under the Congress’s right to levy taxes.  But in the arguments before the court in a last ditch effort to get the law passes the White house did argue that the mandate was a tax thus bringing up the subject and giving Roberts his opening.

Some are saying it was a win for Obama.  No way!  It was a win for the people because Roberts gave the Conservatives a  hammer to beat Obama over the head with:  A huge tax on ALL  people and one that will grow and grow.  He told us in his closing argument that he did not and does not judge the goodness  or badness of a law,  but only the constitutionality.   He was telling the people that he was throwing it back out there for them to decide what kind of America we want and if we want the home of the free then we will get our buns out there in November and make darn sure as many others get out to vote too.    If the mandated had been shot down we still would have been stuck with the other many, many monsters in this law!!  but the people would have gone their way believing the  problem has been solved.  We the People owe Chief Justice Roberts a great debt for his ruling and the  statesmanship (or brinkmanship!) for giving us this last chance to save ourselves.  BB


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