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The Monster Law of the Seas Treaty (LOST) has been SUNK

Posted on: July 17, 2012

For two years now I have been screaming from these pages about LOST   (Law of the Seas Treaty)    the United Nations treaty to take America away from Americans.  President Obama of course has been mucho behind this as have a great many other Democrats who hate America.   (If you need more information on LOST please see my topic cloud at the bottom of the right hand column for my articles and references. )  anyhow, the Conservatives won and Lost was as the headline says SUNK! Thank  God and We the People who have  made the phone calls and emails and letters to put pressure on to defeat this monster again in Congress.   But please don’t make the mistake of forgetting it because just as it has raised it nasty head before this with other Presidents it will come again.  Evil does not die and neither doses it go away; the United Nations is EVIL.

From the Heritage Action for America Newsletter:

Conservative Pressure Sinks LOST
Brenda,It’s official. Thanks to conservatives, the Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST) is effectively sunk.For months, conservatives across the country have been calling and emailing their Senators in an effort to push them to oppose this UN treaty. Since then, a steady stream of Senators have come out in opposition to the dangerously-flawed treaty.

>> See which Senators stood strong and opposed LOST.

Thanks to the dedication of conservatives like you, thousands of phone calls went into offices of the Senators who had not yet signed onto the letter. And thanks to those calls, the final six Senators needed to stop the treaty indicated their opposition.

>> Find out which Senators are standing up for America’s sovereignty.

President Obama and Senator John Kerry tried to hand over America’s sovereignty, but because of the hard work of grassroots conservatives like you, our nation and economic  future are more secure.

From the whole Heritage Action team, we want to thank you for standing up for sovereignty and convincing your Senators to oppose this treaty.


Michael A. Needham
Chief Executive Officer
Heritage Action for America

P.S. The support of conservative Americans has been critical in this fight. Learn how you can be a part of supporting Heritage Action as we continue to fight conservative battles.




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