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More news on the Trillion $ Farm Bill (or Food Stamp Bill more accurately)

Posted on: October 3, 2012

Dear Readers, Here is another Heritage for Action newsletter that you may find interesting.  The huge Farm Bill that was  supposed to be a rubber stamp deal in Congress just as it has always been  hit a brick wall and it is thanks to all of us who wrote, emailed and called our Congress people to say “No deal!”  We have Congress people on the run and the Tea Party people we elected in 2010 are getting some traction with our help.  there are still too few of them to be very effective but with all of us going to the polls in November and getting more Conservative Republican people elected to congress and of course Mitt Romney as President we have a great chance of getting our country back.


Unholy Alliance Crumbling

In the midst of the presidential campaign, something amazing is happening inside Washington: the big-government Establishment is running for cover.  Earlier this week, the so-called farm bill expired without much fanfare, revealing a surprising breakdown of the unholy Washington alliance between rural lawmakers and their urban and suburban colleagues.

For decades, this alliance has caused exponential growth in spending – and government interference – by combining farm policy and food stamps in one huge piece of legislation.  Until recently, lawmakers on both sides of the aisle looked the other way as food stamp spending doubled under President Bush and doubled again under President Obama.

>> Learn why the “farm” bill is no such thing.

Now, thanks to you, this unholy alliance is crumbling.  For months, proponents of the farm and food stamp bill have declared that farms desperately need this trillion-dollar bill, even though 80% of the spending goes toward food stamp recipients.  But despite big government lobbyists manufacturing a crisis mentality and urging for immediate passage of this bill, the offices we talked to say their constituents want real reform, not a return to the bankrupt status quo.

>> You are making a difference!By pushing the farm and food stamp bill into uncharted territory, conservatives have the Washington Establishment on the run.  With your help, we have created a real opportunity for change.  As I wrote in the Wall Street Journal with Indiana Congressman Marlin Stutzman, “The Orwellian language of Washington creates unnecessary confusion and makes responsible governing needlessly difficult. It is time to have a farm-only farm bill, and move other policies separately.”

Thanks to your hard work, the Washington Establishment is on the run.  Together, we can maintain the momentum into November and beyond.

Michael A. Needham
Chief Executive Officer
Heritage Action for America



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