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The Slow Dismantling of Obamacare

Posted on: January 21, 2013

This sad day when Obama is sworn into his second term as President of the United
States seems appropriate for this article concerning how even the Democrats who voted for but never read the freedom destroying monster that is Obamacare,  are  now trying to dismantle it.

I was especially “heartened ” today to hear in the President’s speech that he was  devoted to the protection of Medicare.   Of course it is his Obamacare that takes $575 billion plus a year from the Medicare program to pay for Obamacare!  He didn’t mention that did he?   Americans pay into the Medicare program and it is supposed to be used for the Medicare program but Obama and his Democrats are raiding the Medicare program in order to partially pay for their evil monster that does little to nothing to control the costs of or improve the health care problems that we do have in the United States.  Nor did he mention the 18 new taxes in the Obamacare package that are to be placed on the backs of Americans to fix a problem 80% of the population doesn’t have since they have medical insurance thru their employers.  But our President is going to stand firm against those nasty Republicans who are going about to snatch our entitlements away from us Americans!  Well my fellow Americans you can free safe and stand down your watch now because our President while protecting our entitlements from those thieving Republicans he will also be working really hard to take away our freedoms—one by one by one! and make us all slaves on ‘Uncle Sam’s Plantation’.  Sincerely, Brenda Bowers


You might find this article interesting to see how those who were so eager to push this thing down our throats regardless of the massive protests around the country are now trying to back pedal.   Be sure and go to all the referred sites.  BB



The Slow Dismantling of Obamacare

Things aren’t going so well for Obamacare.

Even Democrats in Congress aren’t huge fans any more. It seems after passing the law and finding out what’s in it, the allure has faded—so much so that Congress actually repealed part of Obamacare in the fiscal cliff deal last week.

That’s right—part of Obamacare has been completely undone. It was the Community Living Assistance Services and Supports (CLASS) Act, essentially a new entitlement program for long-term care. But this new government program for people who end up needing assisted living or other long-term services was poorly designed and bound to fail,  as Heritage’s Alyene Senger explains.

“CLASS was a bad deal for both taxpayers (who would likely have had to bail out the program) and beneficiaries (who would be better served by choosing among private options),” Senger wrote.

The program was so poorly designed that one of its own administrators warned Congress in 2011 that the program could collapse.

This is just one example of how poorly thought out Obamacare was—but this example so captured Congress’s attention that it spurred action. Another part of Obamacare that just took effect, the medical device tax, started making some Senators uneasy before it was scheduled to begin.

A group of 18 Senators, including such outspoken Democrats as Al Franken (MN), John Kerry (MA), Charles Schumer (NY), and Debbie Stabenow (MI), asked Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) to delay the tax, which falls on every item used in medical treatments, from stents to syringes, IV tubes, and prosthetics.

As Heritage senior policy analyst Curtis Dubay noted, this tax will mean more than just higher prices:

Depending on how these businesses pass the tax on, it could result in higher prices for their customers (e.g. patients), lower returns to their shareholders, or fewer jobs for their workers. As we explained earlier, evidence is mounting that it is their workers that will bear the brunt of the tax.

More taxes, higher prices, and lost jobs—no wonder the Senators wanted to delay it! If only they had considered those effects before many of them voted for Obamacare in the first place.

The medical device tax is only one of five of the new taxes that start in 2013 and one of the 18 tax hikes spread throughout Obamacare. Many of these tax hikes, like the medical device tax, will hit hard-working Americans.

Even Democratic governors are unsure about this law. Many governors are weighing the costs of setting up a state health exchange and expanding their already troubled Medicaid programs. The nation’s governors, like the U.S. Congress, are figuring out that Obamacare is an unworkable monstrosity.


6 Responses to "The Slow Dismantling of Obamacare"

As an outside observer of United States of America and also an interested one. In that, whenever the U.S. sneezes; we catch cold in Canada. Personally, I have little use for the political agenda coming out of U.S. Neither Bathhouse Barry or Mitt Romney the Mormon. Do justice to what should be the best, your country has to offer? Similarly neither does Canada, sadly.

Firmly in the grip of Oligarchs. There is a reason that the wealth that should be the people’s; is being siphoned off. It is beyond partisan politics. When both “sides” continue the work of their masters. The Federal Reserve Bank and the owners of that private bank.

I usually do not comment on your pages anymore. Because I feel your talents are wasted, by maintaining the notion. Or idea, that it is all about partisan politics. They are equally as evil, in this person’s eyes. Something most people either cannot, or refuse, to see. That your countries assets are being quickly stripped, by both sides. That corruption is firmly entrenched, as each side squabbles over the spoils. Leaving the tax-payers and their heirs, in massive debt that can only end with the globe being a slave planet.

You and I may not see that day, in our lifetimes? But it’s surely coming. In the guise of fighting wars. That really do not exist. Because all Oligarchs, over the globe. Are reaching out their scrawny fingers as they keep up the pretences of fighting. To keep the price of commodities high and to enrich the weapons makers.

None of them care for the citizens of this planet but only view them only as wage-earners. That can be fleeced as frequently as possible.

That Obama should be impeached? Is without question. That your CIA continues it’s meddlesome way, in other countries. Equally as obvious. Continually inflaming the hearts and minds to “create an enemy”. Is but testament to how it works on behalf or these Oligarchs. No matter which side of the floor, they sit.


Jamie, I so much agree with you on all counts! I am not of the opinion that the Republicans are any better than the Democrats, believe me. They are all traitors to the people they claim to be serving. I just happen to believe that the Democrats were the first to get themselves a truly evil president elected to office. But this all began when We the People forgot to keep watch over those whom we elect to govern and began to play instead. AND, the “playing” began when life became too easy for the vast majority of us—life in the United States and Canada too, became too good for the common man. We now have too many “toys” to distract us from our leaders and so we play while the country’s resources are split up among the thieves. And as long as the welfare state grows and prevails We the People will not wake up and throw the bastards out. because those who see what is happening and those who are paying the bills are being outnumbered by those who are on the dole.
I have a dear friend and fellow blogger who claims a civil war is about to break out. Yes, it will happen in time but no time soon enough to save us now. We Americans are a tough breed and we have destroy tyrants before this so it will happen again and we will come out of this I have no doubt. Our great grand children perhaps will feel the craving for freedom and self-governance that is in their blood and genes and fight the fight needed to bring them out of the mire of cess that we their grandparents allowed to swamp our nation. Sincerely, BB

Thanks Brenda. I might have been a little rough on you and your country?

The evil that is contained within the office of your president. IMO Has been evident for a long while. Bathhouse Barry, is but the latest manifestation. Gee Dubya stole his turn with the help of Jeb. Etc. From Woodrow Wilson on down it has been a slow movement into an anarchy designed to help bring about this enslavement; of the nation that thought it had shrugged of tyranny?

This youtube user explains it quite well and has good research to back it up.

That the Republican party had a history of standing up to tyranny, is well documented. But the people are being fooled. I hope there is no more war, civil or otherwise. Because it plays into the very hands, of those who would enslave us. It is the root cause of enslavement. This revolution has to be a peaceful, but stauch rejection of those ideals. A general enlightenment. If you will? An enlightenment that can be bought about, by showing up the hypocrisy on all levels.

BTW. While the second amendment is a guarantee of the citizens right to bear arms. Those arms require ammunition. Which once that ammo is starved off , become little more than expensive clubs.

Conservatives generally are not hot-heads and I too hope that it continues this way. I get angry and make nasty comments about some of the Dems and Obama in particular but am very interested in the slow chipping away of Obamacare. So far half the states have refused to set up the so-called “insurance exchanges” and by doing this they are in effect refusing Obamacare in their states. States are also taking other steps to legally disregard the mandates of the federal government. Other groups are making way in getting out the word on the fraudulent of the federal government both in the Executive and the Legislative branches. Just Friday night on FOXNEWS Hannity 9:00 pm I learned of a group that is exposing the extreme wealth available in Washington and those who are gathering it up in both hands. Was no hard guess to determine that it was our Congressmen who were breaking all the rules of decency to get rich. They play every nasty game in the book but mainly by having relatives as lobbyists and then retiring and becoming lobbyists themselves. But of course we are all sure that these good citizens would never be influenced by relatives regardless of how much mullah was involved!

Thank you for the reference. I am aware of it but from from time to time a readier puts me on a new track so please continue to do so. Sincerely, Brenda Bowers BB

Two things, that you may find of interest? The connection of Michelle to hospital boards, supposedly “non-profit”? Second, this blog. Somewhat dated, yet you may find it interesting? If only in a gossipy way?

Thank you again. will go take a look. 🙂 BB

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