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ObamaCare’s Triple-Digit Premium Hikes Dramatize the Need for Repeal

Posted on: February 4, 2013

American elected Obama even tho they knew it would bring them Obamacare.    Even the majority of Democrats now know that Obamacare is the worse thing that can happen to our nation and yet it goes on. Already the 2000 page bill has generated 30,000 pages of regulation from the Washington pencil pushers whom no one elected and no one has any control over!  The Obama blessed  unions are out in the streets asking for (and will probably get!!) the right to opt out of Obamacare, but We the People will be stuck with it and paying for it.  At the same time we will be forced to pay for these cadillac health care insurances plans of the union thugs (remember how Obama and company guaranteed all those poor auto workers  at GM their own health care plans and their large pensions at tax payer expense way back when Obama took over the auto industry with the so-called stimulus bill?   Again and again I repeat the things this president has done to destroy our country and again and again I am amazed at how much the American people are allowing him to get away with.  Any other President doing 1/3 what he has done would have been tarred and feathered and impeached.

Read the following article from Cato for more information on just how horrid Obamacare is.  BB


FEBRUARY 4, 2013 10:59AM

ObamaCare’s Triple-Digit Premium Hikes Dramatize the Need for Repeal

In 2010, the Obama administration excoriated health insurance companies for “rate hikes as high as 39 percent.” HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius wrote:

This is unacceptable…

President Obama has offered a health insurance reform proposal to help working families and small business owners.  It will hold insurance companies accountable by laying out common-sense rules of the road to keep premiums down…

Reform will change the rules and help stop exorbitant increases.

And the President’s plan will help reduce costs…

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, that double-digit rate increase “helped dramatize the need for regulation.”

That episode came to mind this morning when I read about a survey of health insurers that shows ObamaCare will neither “keep premiums down” nor “stop exorbitant increases” nor “reduce costs”:

The survey, fielded by the conservative American Action Forum and made available to POLITICO, found that if the law’s insurance rules were in force, the premium for a relatively bare-bones policy for a 27-year-old male nonsmoker on the individual market would be nearly 190 percent higher…

Most other studies have tried to estimate average premium increases, which have ranged anywhere from negligible to 85 percent and higher. This survey looks at individual examples in specific markets to show the itemized impact of the major Obamacare reforms…

On average, premiums for individual policies for young and healthy people and small businesses that employ them would jump 169 percent, the survey found.

These findings are in line with projections by neutral observers and even ObamaCare supporters like MIT economist Jonathan Gruber that the law will increase premiums for some individuals and small businesses by more than 100 percent. 

If double-digit premium increases dramatized the need for regulation, do triple-digit increases dramatize the need for its repeal?

Politico offers a strange rationalization for these rate hikes:

The increase will most likely be substantial for “a slice of the younger population,” said Massachusetts Institute of Technology health economist Jon Gruber, a supporter of the health law who has studied its impact on premiums.

And those are the people who, before Obamacare, benefited from insurers’ ability to charge older, sicker people much higher rates — or deny them coverage altogether — practices that have kept premiums for the young low.

Set aside the fact that these rate hikes effectively tax young workers to subsidize older workers who generally have higher incomes. According to this theory – I can’t tell if it came from Gruber or Politico – those young workers are today unjustly enriched because they’re not being robbed.


6 Responses to "ObamaCare’s Triple-Digit Premium Hikes Dramatize the Need for Repeal"

I see Obama has a cousin running Kenya and a half brother, running for governor there too. Barack is also related to the Bush family and R. Cheyney. Then there’s that Down-Low stuff in Chicago and plenty of M.O. stories, like this. . Regardless, the U.S. needs a medical system for it’s poor. Sorry to see how it’s turning out. Not really surprising, when we see how the banks are ruining the people.

We have Medicaid which is really pretty good. I have known people who were on it for a time. My daughter right after she got her divorce was on Medicaid for the three years she was in college and as long as you don’t over-use the system with running to the doctor for every little thing they will take care of you. Also, hospitals can not by law turn away a patients. We don’t have people dying ion the streets as some would have others believe. We do have timely medical care which can not be said for Canada or Great Britain. I have friends who are from Canada and who come to the US for medical care simply because they have to wait so long to get the care they need in Canada. Our system isn’t perfect but I for one will stick with what we have over Obamacare. And of course if you read me you know how I felt at 24 when Medicare was pushed on the American people and how I feel now that I am on it. I can’t complain about my medical care because it is excellent but I hate that it is thru the government program and not the insurance my husband worked for an earned for us. Too much on the backs of the young! BB

These hikes in premiums are pricing both employers and employees right out of the health-insurance market! I personally know of several such instances. Now what are these people supposed to do? Jump onto the Medicaid rolls?

The people who cross-border shop for medical stuff are a minority. A rich minority, etc. The people in U.S. still have weekly buses that come north, solely for the purpose of cheaper drugs. I don’t mean the ones being waged war on. Nope medical companies and drug companies do not want people getting well. They are in the business of profits, not curing.

Keep on Brenda, I may not agree with everything written? But, I always enjoy reading your blogs. …. great honk!

Thank you Hirundine608, Yes, indeed it is the more well off Canadians whop come to the United States for health care. the ones I know well are the many I met while traveling around the country as full time RVers. they had the money to spend the winters in Arizona, Florida and California so they also had the money to buy US health insurance. As for drugs—yes bus loads of Americans travel to Canada and Mexico for cheaper drugs. the very same drugs but at a fraction of the costs we in the United States pay for them. Many also travel to Mexico for Dental care—-just as good at 1/4 the cost. I know several people who vacation once a year south of the border, get their dental care and still save money!

I loove your opinions too–even when I don’t agree. 🙂 BB

Always, This is the plan of Obama care: people and companies can not afford so they have to go to the government program called a Public Option. Even if the companies can afford the insurance the “penalty” for not providing it is a joke so they let their insurance benefit go and the employees are forced to go on the “Public Option”. And No, they can not go to the Medicaid program because of the income limitations and the fact that states are now cutting back on their Medicaid programs rather than expanding them. EVERYTHING is forcing the American people to turn to Obamacare. BB

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