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Posted on: February 19, 2013

Got this from a friend.  Thought my readers would be interested.  I personally do not care for anything made in china if I can get it from some other country.  this is especially the case with food or toys.  BB


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The whole world is concerned about China-made “black hearted goods”.

Can you differentiate which one is made in Taiwan or  China ?


If the first 3 digits of the barcode are 690 691 or 692, the product is MADE IN  CHINA.

471 is Made in Taiwan .

This is our right to know, but the government and related departments never educate the

public, therefore we have to RESCUE ourselves.


Nowadays, Chinese businessmen know that consumers do not prefer products “MADE IN CHINA”, so they don’t show from which country it is made. 


However, you may now refer to the barcode – remember if the first 3 digits are:


690-692 … then it is MADE IN  CHINA

00 – 09   USA  &  CANADA

30 – 37   FRANCE

40 – 44  GERMANY

471 …  Taiwan

49 …. JAPAN

50   UK


BUY USA & CANADIAN MADE by watching for “0” at the beginning of the number.

We need every boost we can get!  Pass this on to everybody on your E-Mail Contact List!!

If the government won’t help us, we MUST help ourselves.


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