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My Rabbit Cinnabun and President Obama

Posted on: February 26, 2013

President Obama and his hyper lying on what a 2% reduction of the expected spending for this current year is just too much for my stomach. But lying is what Obama does best as we who are not drinking the spiked kool-aid have seen over the past 5 years. Anyhow, I posted a story on my Facebook page and several friends said I should share it on my blog. So here goes:

My little rabbit Cinnabun likes to play with toys in his cage. He has a ball he pushes around and a stuffed rabbit he often sleeps curled up next to. He also has a small litter box stuck in one corner of his cage at the opposite end from his food bowl and water bottle. Rabbits are very clean animals and only use their litter box for their “business”,  and it must be as far from their food as possible.

. Anyhow, one day I was watching him and he began pushing the litter box across the cage. He pushed it up one side and then got behind it and pushed it back down the cage, Then turned around and pushed it back again. He seemed to be having a good time doing this and was really getting with the program. After watching him a bit I laughed and told him, “Cinnabun you have something in common with the President of the United States as you both appear to love pushing the CRAP around!”



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