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Some working to restore work requirement to getting welfare!

Posted on: March 8, 2013

As many of you may remember I saw red when Obama cut the work requirement from the welfare programs.  Actually of the 30+ welfare programs there are only a measly 2 that require the recipient to work!  This is evil!!!!  People should never ever be given something for nothing! with the exception of children, the disabled elderly and the truly disabled.  A side note here: I do NOT consider being obese a disability that tax payers should pay the person for and yet 12% of those on disability are there using their obesity as the “disability” that allows them to sit on their fat asses  and eat on your dollar!  I am fat and have been a good bit of my life but it never stopped me from working.  It was something I alone was at fault for.)

Now to get back on topic:  President Obama in his rush to get more people on government dole and therefore willing to vote for those who are willing to give them more and more for nothing, cut the work requirement from Clinton’s 1996 workfare welfare program.  Obama even made “reading library books” a replacement for actual work to get welfare!  Considering I read at least three books a week and have most of my life, as well as perhaps a dozen newspapers and newsletter daily  I wonder just how much Obama would consider my contribution to society worth?  Anyhow, there are some in Congress who are trying to reverse with legislation the ill advise actions of the evil we now have in the White House.  Please support these efforts and keep the letters going to you congressmen and women.   And remember to get out the vote in 2014 to get the Republicans in both houses of congress.  Harry Reid will allow nothing to happen of any good to the country as long as he and his Democratic cohorts control the Senate.   BB

Welfare Reform Is Back  (from the Heritage Foundation Newsletter)

Last summer, the Obama Administration gutted the successful 1996 welfare reform law by offering to waive its work requirements. Now the debate is back, as several Members of Congress are trying to restore the reforms that helped so many out of poverty.

The work requirements were the heart and soul of the historic welfare reform signed by President Bill Clinton. As a result of “workfare,” welfare rolls declined by half within five years, and employment rates among low-income individuals increased.

Some of the biggest winners from workfare were children. Millions of children were lifted out of poverty. In 2003, the nation had the lowest level of poverty among black children in its history.

The Obama Administration’s undoing of this program threatens to set back America’s children and families. Conservative Members of Congress introduced legislation last week that would overturn the Administration’s plans to allow states to waive work requirements from the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program. At a hearing last Thursday, Representative Dave Reichert (R-WA)said:

It is critical for us to review the damaging effects of waiving TANF work requirements, which could result in less work and earnings, and more poverty and government dependence.

The reforms need to be restored and strengthened. However, TANF is just one of several welfare programs operated by the federal government to provide cash, food, housing, and health care assistance to poor and low-income Americans. Today, taxpayers fund roughly 80 different programs at a cost of nearly $1 trillion a year for these purposes. These include:

12 programs providing food aid;
12 programs funding social services;
12 educational assistance programs;
11 housing assistance programs;
10 programs providing cash assistance;
9 vocational training programs;
7 medical assistance programs;
3 energy and utility assistance programs; and,
3 child care and child development programs.

How many of the government’s 80-plus welfare programs include a work requirement? Just two.

While Americans are a compassionate people who want to help our neighbors truly in need, the overwhelming majority also understand the importance of promoting self-reliance and a better future through work. Regardless of political affiliation, more than 90 percent of individuals say that able-bodied adults should work or prepare for work as a condition of receiving cash, food, housing or medical care from the government.

Work requirements should not only be restored to the TANF program but should also be expanded to other government welfare programs, such as food stamps, one of the largest and fastest-growing welfare programs.

At a hearing last month, Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) highlighted the critical need to reform the nation’s massive welfare system. He noted:

It is time to return to the moral principles of the 1996 welfare reform. That reform was guided by the principle that, over time, unmonitored welfare programs were damaging not merely to the Treasury but to the recipient.

Thanks to the 1996 welfare reform, people’s lives were changed for the better. Americans were lifted out of poverty. We need to expand these ideas, applying principles that help reduce dependence and allow more Americans to pursue the path of upward mobility to other government assistance programs.

Read the Morning Bell and more en español every day at Heritage Libertad.


4 Responses to "Some working to restore work requirement to getting welfare!"

Obesity is generally a condition brought on by environment. Food can be an addiction. For the morbidly obese, I see little wrong with welfare, for them? Provided they are actively working to reduce the problem. There are far worse things that tax-payer’s money is being spent on, than welfare. Even so, I too am not in favour of excessive use of the program. There are always people who want something for nothing. Yet I would far rather have the state help than leave those who need it, than leave them to die. I am far more in favour of sympathy for a plight, than sneering and snorting over it.

What is reprehensible is the 2.3 trillion dollars lost by Pentagon prior to 9/11. Or the lies told about it by people in government. The torture and extortion from those lies and the 1.7 billion unaccounted for in Iraq. The support by U.S. for Al queda; in places like Libya, Syria, Mali. Likely shows that this organization was likely always a CIA black-ops project? That Bin Laden was their operative? Now they’re coming, to take away your citizen’s guns.

As for obesity? Everyone has a cross to bear. Some are just a little more obvious than others. Many people are crippled inside. They forget the golden rule. “Love thy neighbour as thyself and do unto others what you would have done unto you”.

I agree that feraud and waste are rampant in all areas of government. I was talking about welfare in this post and therefore was on topic. I personally see ALL forms of wasting tax payer money as bad and make no distinction as to which is worse than another. I too want to help those who need help[——and I do and always have. I prefer however to give my money to local charities and people who need it directly rather than having the federal government take it from me and then give a very small portion of the money to those who are in need. The rest is wasted! Until this last 75 years or so people managed to live and take care of those in need without the federal government. We need to get back to this people caring for people rather than a cold clerk in some office deciding who needs and how much. That is when you see the old adage of “doing unto others as you would have others do unto you” really mean something. Families used to take care of their own and now they just walk away and let the Government do it. People used to be responsible for their own children but now they walk away and let the government do it. This is NOT the way a great and compassionate people behave. It is how a cold and uncaring people push their responsibility for others off on others. Sincerely, BB

I understand there is a lot of Government waste ,that America has contributed to a lot of follies in the world but it constantly amazed me when I hear Americans decry what the government spends out side a la the defense , war etc but willing to uphold the citizens and illegals getting freeness.Does it ever cross anyones mind that if people were forced/required to be employed and pay taxes thereby having “skin in the game” they would be more politically, knowledgeable and involved in what the Government does? As it is only about 48 to 52 % of the country are working to pull the wagon, of that only another 80% are earning enough to actually pay taxes. Many pay nothing but get hefty tax refunds… Why? Do people honestly believe giving someone thousand of someone else hard earned dollars under the guise of ” loving ones neighbors as thyself or doing unto others as you would have done unto you ” is an incentive to an improved life or them becoming good citizen who will care and demand accountability from the Government?
Let’s examine “Loving our neighbors as thyself”….(We) (I) the average people/person loving ourselves and our children,go to school, learn a discipline/trade that will ensure us an actual paying job,to be able to support our selves and families, to contribute to society, then how can we say we are loving the so called unfortunates by expecting less from them. Seems to me it is the selfish, sanctimonious person who uses that argument. What they are actually saying maybe without realizing it is that they are the ones capable to do all that is needed to be a good person and they being so smart have determined that the person who needs help are less they are and those less fortunate people very existence is totally dependent on them.Should we not love them as our selves enough to expect and demand the best from them?
“Doing onto others as would be done unto you”Does anyone really want hand outs, to be limited in what someone else determines is enough, or do they want to be able to work and determine their own life? Do they want to take money from their fellow citizens or have we conditioned them to expect and take what we give them? Years back our family had medical issues we had good insurance but still the bills piled up fast . At that time my husband had a full time job and coached two youth sports plus we had other children their needs also had to be met. He took two part time jobs to supplement our finances, at no point did we think of applying for anything. We made arrangements ,with Doctors,Hospitals,lived on a very tight budget, paid as we could and made our own way to the finish line..
Back then we could only dream of paying off those bills .Looking back I can say our family learned,grew and prospered from the experience. We are stronger people, we know what it means to stand on our own feet , to be tested and come out the other side. To deprive someone of learning their strength will only lead to weakness.Seeing the growing number of people on one form of assistance or another is heart breaking.

Doing unto others as we would have them do unto us has become twisted People we think we are helping have ended up with no heart ,ambition, drive or ability just empty shells. In place now are generations, filled with envy, hate and conditioned to depending on every one but them selves. Always expecting to be given more, what happens when there is no more to give?

I wish instead of doing away with the work incentives Obama had enacted legislation to make people more accountable . There will always be people who truly need help, and as Brenda says and I totally agree we can help each other smarter, better and quicker than any impersonal government.

Aim High, How right you are! Only when we human beings earn with our own labors do we appreciate what we have. when all is handed over and nothing is required from us then we lose incentive to strive and merely exist as slugs—-complaining and unhappy, greedy slugs at that. BB

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