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Some thoughts on the Gang of Eights “AMNESTY” bill.

Posted on: April 25, 2013

First off:  full disclosure:  I am a second generation immigrant.  the legal kind however.  My maternal grandparents came to america in steerage with hardly a dime in the pockets in 1910.    At that time the only government program available to immigrants was   public school classes in English.  A program that by the way was a good one! and therefore was dropped!    Immigrants were on their own to sink or swim or rely on other immigrants  until they found a job.  there was also none of this bringing every relative including kissin’ counsins over once the first immigrant made it into the country.  Damned if my grandparents didn’t make it and even go so far as to thrive without the benefit of tax payer dollars.  How dare they!!?!!

Todays immigrants just don’t have these same amenities to greet them the moment they step off the boat or plan.  Todays immigrants are immediately met by your federal government officials to help them sign up for all the juicy government welfare programs and handouts that we Americans have made available to any new comers to our shores.  AND, this also seems to apply to illegal immigrants.   Yes I know Dear Reader, it isn’t nice and is considered an insult to call these dear people “illegal aliens”  or even “illegal”.  they are instead according to our own State Department to be referred to as “undocumented citizens”.

Now we have our Congressmen busy working to get the immigrants  or Hispanic vote which Obama got 71% of in the 2012 election.  So both parties, Republican and Democrat, are busy trying to out do each other with goodies for these people.  Now please understand,  I know that something has to be done about the illegal aliens we already have in this country.  I also assure you that if I lived in Central America I would be  one of the first to break my butt getting across the Rio Grande River!   Yes I would!  I have been to Mexico and the poverty is so bad that after one week I insisted my husband turn the RV around and head north as fast as possible because I simply could not stand seeing another child with a swollen belly  ( swollen bellies in children is a sure sign of  gross hunger!).    So yes,  I Brenda Bowers would move Heaven and Hell and defy every American in this fabulous country to get over here and be able to get a job and feed my family.  And I would, I am pretty sure, commit a whole lot of the available low level crimes to stay here!
But speaking as an American whose grandparents were among those who left Europe to come to this land of promise and freedom,  we simply can not afford any more of the “starving masses yearning to be free” out there.  We need to seal off our borders RIGHT NOW.  Even if it takes placing our troops on our borders.  As it stands with the drug dealers and  our own government passing out weapons on our borders they are war zones right now anyhow!   Then after sealing our borders we need to do something to get a handle on just how amany and who the people are who are here already.  Not to get them sign up for every government welfare program out there but to get a head count and to see that they begin the process of becoming Americans citizens sometime in the future, but only if they are obeying our laws and contributing to our society.


With all of the above in mind I thought perhaps you would find this latest Heritage Foundation article of interest. Sincerely ,   BB

American Families Cannot Afford the Cost of Amnesty

Our nation is going broke, and now is not the time to increase burdens on American families.

The Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act (S. 744)—commonly called the “Gang of Eight bill” after the eight Senators who came up with it, Charles Schumer (D-NY), Dick Durbin (D-IL), Robert Menendez (D-NJ), Michael Bennet (D-CO), John McCain (R-AZ), Jeff Flake (R-AZ), Marco Rubio (R-FL), and Lindsey Graham (R-SC)—includes amnesty for some 11 million unlawful immigrants. That amnesty would further burden taxpayers and weaken our fiscal situation. Congress should not rush to pass the bill without understanding the cost to the American taxpayer, especially when key research identifying and calculating those costs is nearly complete.

We have more than $12 trillion in public debt and tens of trillions of dollars more in unfunded obligations that we have no way to afford, thanks to promises made by past and present politicians. With this in mind, today’s political leaders must consider the fiscal impact of amnesty and a path to citizenship that would enable millions of unlawful immigrants to qualify for costly welfare and entitlement programs.

Simply put, what would this cost taxpayers, present and future? Would this make their burdens lighter, or double down on debt and unaffordable promises to be repaid by future generations?

Leaders from both parties have repeatedly failed to consider properly the long-term effects of their policies. That is why we are in such a predicament. For too many politicians, long-term thinking extends only to the next election, at most six years away. Unfortunately, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), the legislative branch’s official scorekeeper, does not help much in this regard, as it often looks at costs for only the next 10 years.

We’ve seen legislative myopia again and again as politicians put off tough choices for the future or make our fiscal picture worse with new and expanded government programs we cannot afford, like Medicare prescription drug benefits or Obamacare. The biggest losers are future generations.

Former House Majority Leader Dick Armey (R-TX) once noted that three groups spend other people’s money: thieves, children, and politicians—and all three need supervision. Robert Rector of The Heritage Foundation helps provide the information needed for the American people to keep watch over politicians playing with immigration laws and our tax money. Rector is most famous for his work pioneering welfare reform and enjoys a sterling reputation as one of the nation’s leading authorities on government social programs.

When he last crunched the numbers during the 2007 amnesty debate, Rector calculated that a general amnesty would cost some $2.5 trillion after considering what legalized immigrants would likely pay in taxes and receive in government assistance. With government only getting bigger (again, see Obamacare), it is likely he will calculate an even higher price tag in 2013. Hishighly anticipated research is nearing completion. His research from five years ago and the anticipated update are a central part of the debate.
Some amnesty proponents are trying to convince themselves that the immigration bill won’t cost much. On the surface, they have some good talking points, noting that “registered provisional immigrants” (the name given to aliens who entered or stayed in the U.S. unlawfully but would get amnesty under the bill) are not eligible for government benefits. Of course that would last only until, at the very latest, they become citizens. (More likely, there will be pressure in future years to speed up both citizenship and eligibility.)

In just a short time, they would be entitled to the same massive array of government programs as everyone else, including expensive retirement income and health programs that are already severely underfunded. The average unlawful immigrant has a 10th grade education, and low-skill immigrants on average take more in government benefits than they pay in taxes at every stage of their lives.

America’s families are already burdened with taxes to support a bloated welfare and overburdened entitlement system that is badly in need of reform. This situation would get far worse under amnesty.

Read the Morning Bell and more en español every day atHeritage Libertad.


ONE MORE NOTE:  the two monsters who killed people in Boston, the so-called Boston Bombers were immigrants.    They and their parent were brought to the United States under our all too generous program for people who felt their lives were in danger in their own country and then given every possible welfare program available.  That was 10 years ago.  The parents returned to Russia so apparently their lives were not that threatened.  The oldest  child a man of 26 who had been in the United States living on welfare all this time and at age 26 bombed and killed and injured Americans!   So much for immigrants to our country in this enlightened age when we tax payers thru our elected officials roll out the welcome mat and pour our hard earned tax dollars into their open palms.  Sincerely, Brenda Bowers


4 Responses to "Some thoughts on the Gang of Eights “AMNESTY” bill."

Maybe you should loose the taxes?

After all there was no such thing as income tax at the beginning of 20th century. All those other taxes for social programs? Loose them all. If you want people to stand on their own feet? Cheap land and no taxes, like your grandparents found.

You might ask the first nations people, about immigration? They would likely tell a different story? Of how the food was abundant. Where their medicines could be found all over the land.

Instead, immigrants killed all the buffalo. Drained all the swamps. Took all the fish. Ploughed up the land, until it became a dust bowl. Where most of the prairie, choked to death. Their farms were taken over, their graveyards looted, their ancestors dishonoured. Their everyday pots and pans, clothing,etc. were taken and put in museums or “collections”. Horses shot and taken. That’s what they got from immigrants. Not to mention being run off the land; and subjected to genocide, through starvation and disease.

Immigration, whether official or not. Is a type of legalized invasion. The super wealthy, love it. It’s what they feed on. Taxation is a very useful tool. Under it’s guise, politicians and bureaucrats may appear benevolent. Oh yes! Social program this and social program that. Meanwhile, the politicans who bleat on about god save the flag ….. blah, blah, blah. Are diverting the work programs and the slush funds! To whomever! We prime the pump through our work and they operate it. Ostensibly on our behalf, but we know better? Right?

After all, the 2.3 trillion dollars loss from pentagon. Announced by Rumsfeld! The day before that jet liner in 9/11; that was impossible to fly, at that low altitude. Flown by “terrorists” who only had some training on a cessna, at best. Slamed into that portion of the pentagon, housing the money trail. Not only did it take expert flying skills, but once the airliner hit – into that section that was supposedly impervious to missiles; recently finished upgrade? Yeah once again? It hit and did not leve any wreckage, or holes, left by titanium engines. Or any other bits of fuselage or baggage. Or little of anything indicative of an airliner crash.

Oh yes, the super wealthy love our taxes. Love the appearance of benevolence, it brings to a political career. So, I AGREE!! Let’s get rid of social programs! Divvy up what’s left and I’ll buy my own! But don’t tax me, either!

BTW. I saw recently an analysis done by a psychiatrist in Canada. Who said that both Bush and Obama – who are related. Are both narcissistic, type personalities. …. i can see that!

608, I do love you Dear! But again I don’t agree. The so called “noble Indian” was not so noble at all and they too made their dent on nature. It was simply a fact that there weren’t very many of them on a huge continent so nature could easily cover up their messes. Fact is that neture is so strong that even the mess we modern humans make will pass within a few years of our passing. the Earth will stand healthy and happily circling our sun until said sun decides to blow itself up and all the planets with it.
. And if your wishes against immigration were to be we would have all remained in Africa where it is believed human life began.
As I said, I do love you Dear 608 🙂 BB

Hi Brenda, Thanks for your reply. I appreciate the “love”. No argument there!

I do not believe I ever wrote “noble”, within my comment. I do not come here, to trash the blog. So, I often do not pass comment, because it would be rude. Or it might be so perceived. That’s the problem with the interent, it’s hard to convey feeling and emotions.

My comment was directed more at what I read as your approach to immigration. The comments within your second paragraph.

I am an immigrant too. No second generation here. I came to Canada, legally within the government system. In the mid 1970’s. I left a good job and family, because my ex. wife wanted to move here. I was told by the canadian government that my skills – machinist, were in great demand. That I would benefit greatly …. blah, blah, blah. Some of that was true! But it’s not about my immigration. Or the absolutely “no help” forth-coming. The fifty dollars in my pocket, was enough? I guess?

The fact that human’s were born to walk! That once upon a time, our ancestors likely walked hundreds of miles weekly? No problem with immigration, really.

You seemed upset with it,

“Todays immigrants are immediately met by your federal government officials to help them sign up for all the juicy government welfare programs and handouts that we Americans have made available to any new comers to our shores. AND, this also seems to apply to illegal immigrants.”

That’s the problem with immigration, is that it impacts to the current residents – greatly. I agree humans were born to wander. It is the later humans that tell us “settle down”. Have a job, Work for the man and everything will be looked after? Be that as it may?

My point was you are aggrieved over immigration and the perceived use of “government hand-outs” and welfare programs. That somehow the lack of those programs, made you …. I dunno? Better?

Hey, Canada …… called that so-called “hippie heaven”; by most Americans. Because they sheltered the draft-dodgers, from the acts of aggression of your country in Asia. That the U.S. was waging, In a place halfway around the world. Fightin’ comm-yew-nism. Never was quite sure, what the big threat was? Always seemed like it was more of threat inside your own country? That and fascist behaviour. Oh I know you had the ” McCarthy” witch hunts. Which seemed more like a fascist mimic of the very threat the administration, railed over.

Anyway, that’s off-topic. Canada, never gave me a dime. In fact I was warned off of using them; as It would “jeopardize my immigrant status”. So, unless things have changed? I doubt there a that many, cheating the system?

Life is still hard!! As an immigrant.

It might have been easier, if there were fewer taxes. You know the taxes that are supposed to pay for social programs. Why that’s a sort of, “communism”. Isn’t it?

There are two ways of looking at it? One, we have no taxes and social programs – standing on your own two feet. Or we have some taxes that are spent on social issues and security. The people that control the taxes, are kind of like ….. ummm …. Armed Guards. Making sure you stay in your economic slavery. Now that sounds like comm-yew-nism?

I think that people who are in Politics, say they’re doing it for “you and for me”. The reality is a slicked up apparatus, to bring you “democracy”! It looks like democracy, but really! The “fix is in”. Oh sure, you will have some honest well-meaning people. Always, but they only rise so high. But the “real jobs” are fitted up, for insiders and “family”. You know a regular “Tammany Hall”.

Speaking of Boston and the despicable bombing that occurred there. You might like to read up the connections between global terrorism and “Operation Gladio”?

Nope, the governments we have, are not out there looking out for you and me. They have no allegiance, to country or its population. They care only about how much money they can squeeze out of us. Then hide it where more it, stays theirs. Secret police are not doing it for us? They are doing it for what they can get out of it.

Cheers Jamie!

, My grandparents came over separately in 1910 and only met and married in 1919. My grandmother’s brother’;s wife died in child birth and he asked her at age eleven to take care of young Frankie (later my Uncle Frank) and he would bring them both to the united State and then he left Russia for what he felt would be a better life for his family. My Grandpap was a son of a wealthy family and he was messing about with the early communist so his family sent him to America literally to get rid of him, He kept up his fight against authority by fighting for the unions during the 1930’s! Both grandparents wer true blue Americans to the core. They loved this country and made sure their children and grandchildren knew just how very fortunate they were to be Americans.

Life was hard for them as immigrants. My Grandpap spoke 8 languages and was an educated man who was to go into the family business. In the United States of that time prejudice against immigrants was openly blatant and Grandpap had to go to the coal mines to make a living. They lost everything including their home when when the banks failed and the so-called Great Depression hit. The only thing either ever got was Social Security which my Grandmother received for 10 years before she died. My Grandpap didn’t live long enough to get Social Security.

As for the rest of my family three of the great grandchildren ( my daughter and two cousins) had to go on welfare for a short period after their divorces. My daughter came home with her baby and we sent her to college but she had a pre-existing condition and her health insurance was simp-ly far more than we could afford. So she had to go on Medicaid for three years until she graduated and got a job and her own insurance. My daughter is a Respiratory Therapist.

I am not and have never been against welfare. It is our duty as human beings to help those in need. I am very much against handing ouyt my hard earned dollars to those who are sitting on their asses with their hands out. We have at least 20 million of these people in our country right now. (This is based on our current 47 million now on Food Stamps alone—that has more than doubled since Obama took office). I am vehemently against welfare of any kind for immigrants whether legal or illegal! Canada certainly has the right idea there. The murderng scum who killed in Boston recently were brogut over her and given welfare immediately and have been on it until just two years ago when the parents thank Goodness went back where they came from and the 26 year olf murdering Muslim terrorist finally got off of welfare. Of course he had no visible job and drove a Mecedes so he was getting money somewhere but Obama’s administration refuses to allow the FBI to question where Muslims are getting money or what they are doing so we can only guess that he was being paid to be a terrorist.

Are “social programs a sort of communism”? especially when the government takes my money in taxes to gIve to others. YES! YES! YES! It is the duty of all to help their brothers in need but the form this duty has taken in the past 50 yrsrs in the United States (and Canada and Europe) is WRONG! And it is becoming more and more wrong as each new laww and regulation under our current President passes. Also our Congress has become a racket. Congress men and women are there for life and the money making is a family affir with the lobbyists and other scams and thievery that goes on in Washington. That is why Dear 608 I am blogging and doing all I can to let my readers know what is going on. We Americans are a bold and brave people. Only the best immigrated to America. We go about our own business and q quietly pay our taxes and try to trust that our government is doing what it should be dong. Sadly we are learning that this has not been the case and therefore a revolution is brewing in my country. I pray it will be peaceful and managed thru the ballot box but if the thugs and thieves and criminals refuse to give way the American people will do what is necessary to clean up the wrong. Watch for more from this side of the border and the Tea Party.

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